Professional Certifications

Professional Certification is generally defined as an industry-recognized credential granted to a candidate by an independent certifying body upon successful demonstration of professional competence. A certifying body is an Industry Expert that grants a certification as proof that an individual meets a certain level of expertise in a field of practice.

  • A Professional Certification confirms that the individual has the necessary knowledge and skills to perform within the specific occupation.
  • The certification body have a specific method of assessing competence of candidate that is irrespective of where the individual received their knowledge. It means that certification bodies are independent of the training companies.
  • The Professional Certification is based on specific set competency standards and persuade continued competence. Ongoing professional development requirement. That is usually connected with re-certification requirements in defined time intervals to maintain competencies as valid. 

The above Professional Certification requirements create a unique environment where holders of such Certification are extremely recognized by employers as high-level industry experts. This uniqueness can add a boost to your professional profile and help you find a dream job in a specific field.

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