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Google Analytics, Excel & Spreadsheets, Data Visualization, Customer Segmentation, Data Analysis

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Marketing doesn’t only mean creative ideas. It’s also foundational data and business metrics. This Marketing Analytics Course will teach you how to collect, organize, and analyze all data that applies to marketing with Excel.

You will learn how to use Data Studios and Tableau to communicate your findings and you will master Google Analytics – the course will show you how to use advanced reporting techniques, draw conclusions and use them to optimize the results of your marketing campaigns. You will also build models that are extremely important in business decision-making. The course also touches on Data Visualization. You will learn how to build data dashboards and use them in data storytelling. These all are the basics of growth evaluation.

The course takes approximately three months. It’s a great choice for both people interested in applying data skills to their current roles and those who want to pursue further studies.

What are the benefits of marketing analytics?

  • Get a 360-degree picture of your consumers across all mediums.
  • This value can’t be stressed, given the plethora of channels available to marketers today: brick-and-mortar stores, kiosks, call centres, smartphones, partners, e-commerce, social media, and more. The development of a plan for acquiring and integrating consumer data, as well as evaluating data from numerous sources, is an important initial step.
  • Make an effort to be more proactive and productive.
  • Marketing analytics may assist businesses in anticipating and responding to consumer and market behaviour. Marketing analytics refers to software that uses statistical or data mining techniques to create and grade prediction models based on a set of factors.
  • Customize your marketing and consumer interactions.
  • Marketing analytics allow businesses to investigate how consumers in certain categories behave and even forecast how they will react to alternative offerings. This allows them to adjust the time, substance, and delivery channel of offers to clients’ preferences, or, in the words of Marshall Field, “give the woman what she wants.”
  • Refine your social media techniques.
  • This works hand-in-hand with customizing client encounters, with the additional advantage of providing a virtual focus group that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Organizations may get a frank external viewpoint, discover influencers, and complete the picture of consumer value by employing social media analytics.
  • Real-time interaction with your consumers
  • In-person, online, or over the phone, combining speed and intelligence may give you a competitive edge. Real-time decisioning brings all channels into the same playing field, allowing for the same level of attention as the well-dressed Marshall Fields’ sales clerks of old.
  • Visualize success across the company.
  • Data visualization makes analytics more accessible to non-technical marketers, allowing for more efficient and effective sharing, collaboration, and decision-making.
  • Consider data to be a strategic asset.
  • We wouldn’t have hackers constantly coming in and taking client data if it wasn’t valuable. However, putting it up in a vault isn’t the solution. To protect both the organization’s and customers’ interests, a balance must be established between data access for analytics and privacy and governance.

There was $330B spent on digital marketing globally in 2019! The average salary of Marketing Analytics in the US is $72k.

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Marketing Analytics Course
Marketing Analytics Course


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