Skills Covered: Operations Management, Capacity Estimation, Lean Management, Process Improvement, Productivity Improvement, NVA Analysis, Problem Solving, Process Control, Control Charts

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Have you ever considered the best ways to increase efficiency and configure the supply chain,?

Businesses have worked hard in recent years to boost efficiency and quality, reduce prices and delivery times, and embrace flexibility and creativity. These techniques are part of the Operations Management (OM) practices carried out by service and industrial organizations.

Operations Management teaches you about the role of OM in a company and how to plan and solve operations-related problems.

The course will provide you with the expertise and skills to solve crucial aspects of business operations such as capacity, efficiency, quality, and supply chain.

You can develop an understanding of how processes are configured in an enterprise and the variables that can theoretically influence the difficulty of conducting those operations. We would also address topics such as capacity estimation, finding bottlenecks, and de-bottlenecking.

Throughout the course, you can participate in discussions about efficiency optimization techniques, the implementation of quality assurance processes, and supply chain setup.

The course will provide you with the necessary tools, methods, and skills to estimate, compute, interpret, and customize core operations management components.


  • Determine an operations system that has several well-known basic setups.
  • Determine the sophistication of an operations structure.
  • Calculate cycle times for processes and measure system capacity.
  • Recognize the different elements of a supply chain and the importance of configuring them properly
  • Determine strategies to reduce the bullwhip effect of supply chains.
  • Recognize and apply the principle of Lean Management to one’s own company situation.
  • Begin process and efficiency improvement by using NVA Analysis.
  • Analyze quality issues using specific tools and strategies.
  • Process monitor using control charts

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Operations Management
Operations Management


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