Become Autonomous Car Engineer with Mercedes, Waymo, Nvidia

Autonomous Car Engineer with Mercedes-Benz, Waymo, Nvidia

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6 months at 15 hrs/week

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Didi, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Nvidia, Uber ATG, Udacity, Waymo


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Self-Driving Cars Principles, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Sensor Fusion, Object Detection, 3D Object Detection, Localization, Scan Matching Localization, Motion Planning, Decision Making for Autonomous Vehicles, Control and Trajectory Tracking

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What is Autonomous Car?

A self-driving car, commonly known as a driverless car or an autonomous car, is a vehicle that navigates itself between locations. Using sensors, cameras, radar, and artificial intelligence, it is possible (AI).

There are six levels of the autonomous car. Self-driving cars must be able to reach a specified place without human intervention in order to be considered completely autonomous. Roads cannot be altered. An autonomous car is capable of traveling everywhere a human driver can go and doing whatever task a human driver is capable of.

What is Autonomous Car Engineer Nanodegree?

If you want to shape the future of modern transportation and, in consequence, impact the lives of people all over the world, the Autonomous Car Engineer course has been tailored just for you.

First, you will learn how to apply computer vision and deep learning to automotive problems. You will be part of the team working on detecting lane lines and predicting steering angles. You will be introduced to driverless car technologies and take part in various projects in computer vision, localization, path planning, robotic controls, etc. The experts in the field will show you the relevance of sensor fusion and explain how to program fundamental mathematical tools called Kalman filters. You will also have a unique chance to program Carla – a famous Udacity’s real autonomous car.

The course takes around 6 months to complete. To enroll, you should have experience with Linear Algebra, Python, C++, and Calculus.


The Self-Driving Vehicle Engineer Nanodegree program is one of the few in the world that teaches students how to become self-driving car engineers while also assisting them in getting employment in the field of autonomous systems. The program’s projects provide students with important abilities in a variety of critical areas such as computer vision, sensor fusion, localization, motion control, and others. Students can execute their programs on the open source simulator CARLA as part of their capstone project.

Why Udacity?

The Top Autonomous Car courses are offered by Udacity – the pioneer in professional teaching of this exciting discipline.

If you want to learn how to use self-driving vehicles and be a part of their evolution, you’ll need to acquire the necessary skills. Udacity’s self-driving vehicle nanodegree programs are one of the better options. why Udacity? We’ll get to it in a minute.

Udacity is the first e-learning portal to provide Nanodegrees, which are entire solutions. The vast majority of the abilities required to be successful in the Autonomous Vehicles industry are covered in these programs. The Autonomous Vehicles program at Udacity was launched in 2017 and is the first of its kind in the world. A large number of people have already signed up for these courses

They collaborated with Mercedes-Benz, Waymo, and Nvidia to design their Nanodegree in Self-Driving Cars, so you can be sure that the information and talents you’ll learn will be of the highest quality and will help you succeed in your career.

Udacity’s nanodegrees are university-level programs that focus on job-ready abilities. A wide range of practical courses and projects designed by professionals in the field are available for students to work on.


Our broad curriculum will prepare you for a wide range of positions in the autonomous vehicle sector, including System Software Engineer, Deep Learning Engineer, Vehicle Software Engineer, Localization and Mapping Engineer, and many more. If you decide to pursue a career outside of automotive engineering, your background in deep learning and robotics will prepare you for a variety of related positions in artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, and other fields.


This advanced Nanodegree program is excellent for anybody with a programming, technical, or quantitative background who wants to work in the field of autonomous systems, or who is interested in refreshing or expanding their abilities in the machine and deep learning, systems integration, sensor fusion, and other fields.

Self-driving car technology is a career option for those who have a strong background in computer science, engineering, or robotics. Alternatively, if you’ve never worked in autonomous vehicle engineering before but are eager to learn the ropes, this course is for you.

Engineering for self-driving vehicles is a rewarding career choice for anybody with experience or interest in the following fields:

  • Every day of their life, learners and skill-enhancers
  • Researchers and problem-solvers
  • Coders, as well as programmers
  • Thinkers who are analytical and technical in nature

The above-mentioned items are only a starting point. Autonomous vehicle engineering is open to people with a broad variety of backgrounds, skill sets, work styles, and interests.

Engineers that work on self-driving cars have a variety of options

From 2020 to 2025, the global autonomous vehicle market is predicted to develop at an 18 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The number of job openings for self-driving car engineers and related professionals is steadily rising, and these openings can be found all around the globe.

According to PayScale, the average base salary for Autonomous Vehicle Systems Engineering is $102,000.

The best self-driving vehicle businesses are looking for experts in a wide range of fields. The following positions are included in the field of self-driving automobile engineering:

  • Engineer for autonomous vehicle testing and evaluation
  • Engineer in robotics
  • An expert in sensor technology
  • Programming engineer
  • Electrified engineer
  • Controls and drives engineer
  • Engineer of systems

Why Autonomous Car Engineer is well paid?

The global market for self-driving cars is quickly expanding, and qualified professionals in this field have a wealth of opportunities. Many specialists have yet to enter the market for self-driving vehicles, which is why the technology is so new. Planning your future and knowing about self-driving cars have never been more important.

However, even if the income for Self-Driving Car Engineers is quite a bit, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the most important factor. Self-driving car technology looks to be a reliable guarantee of employment for high-tech enthusiasts both now and in the future.


A well-prepared learner will be able to do the following:

  • Object-oriented programming in any language (preferably Python or C++)
  • Compute integrals and derivatives of polynomial functions
  • Multiply matrices and comprehend linear algebra-related concepts.
  • Calculate a dataset’s mean, median, and standard deviation.
  • Model the effects of forces on point masses

For those students who currently have a limited background in programming, math, computer vision, or machine learning, we recommend Introduction to Self-Driving Cars Nanodegree program to help them prepare.

See also Self-Driving Cars Engineer Nanodegree learning path

AI is one of the fastest-growing and most transformational technologies of our time, with 2.3 million new jobs opening up by 2020.

This Nanodegree is highly recommended by Mercedes-Benz for those who’d like to become a part of their Autonomous Systems team.

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Videos: Autonomous Car Engineer with Mercedes-Benz, Waymo, Nvidia

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Autonomous Car Engineer with Mercedes-Benz, Waymo, Nvidia
Autonomous Car Engineer with Mercedes-Benz, Waymo, Nvidia


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