Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement

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Skills Covered: Digital Commerce, Reinventing Business Models, Digital Marketing, Data Driven Analytics, Digital Waves, Value Creation, Agile Mentality, Growth Hacking, Digital Branding, Customer Engagement, Digital Commerce, Online Platforms, Influencer Marketing, Digital Footprint, SEO, SEM Alignment, UI/UX Design Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Data Driven Analytics, Social Media Big Data


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Digital marketing and customer engagement is a field full of rapid and continuous change, and nowadays, there exists a generational difference in the approach to leveraging digital platforms. As change continues, it is increasingly imperative that marketing professionals understand the value and applications of new technologies in order to maximize engagement with any audience and create value for both customers and their business.

Through this program, you will gain a toolbox of innovations and techniques to take your digital marketing skills to the next level. You will gain a valuable understanding of how companies can reinvent their marketing strategies and processes to be more competitive in the new and dynamic digital world.

By completing this program you will cover multiple different approaches to reaching the same goal: To increase customer engagement in an evolving digital market and create the most valuable digital business model and communications strategy for your organization.



  • Tools and techniques to engage users throughout their customer journey.
  • How to support customers and build customer satisfaction and loyalty by developing a win-win relationship to better serve and retain them.
  • Segment strategies that can include sales, acquisition, ecommerce, product education, product use, customer service, and help desk alignment.
  • Analyze all the digital channels a customer interacts with within your business or organization, and how to communicate in an effective way.
  • Understand all the digital touchpoints your customer has with your brand, including email, social media, and your website.



  • Digital Marketing-related jobs, which nowadays are demanded because the complexity to find marketing experts and digital advocators.
  • Digital Marketing is a growing area within organizations given the ability to track and analyze results to better optimize spending and ROI.
  • Customer Engagement is vital to organizations as they seek to build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement
Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement

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