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3 months at 10-15 hrs/week

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Amazon Alexa, IBM Watson, Udacity


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Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Translation, Part of Speech Tagging, Natural Language Processing, Computing with Natural Language, Communicating with Natural Language

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NLP (Natural language processing) is a combination of computer science, AI, and information engineering. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) course, covering the interactions between human and computer languages, is a great way to get introduced to the basics of NLP and start building NLP apps. The NLP experts will teach you text processing fundamentals.

You will get to know machine learning methods in sentiment analysis and build a speech tagging model yourself. The program also covers computing with natural language – you will have a chance to build your own machine translation model using recurrent neural network architecture. In this NLP course, you will learn how to turn speech into text and text into speech. On top of that, you will be introduced to probabilistic models.

The course takes around 3 months to complete. If you want to enroll, you should have some experience with Python, machine learning, deep learning, and statistics.      

What is NLP?

A branch of AI known as NLP can read, interpret, and understand human language. NLP may be defined as the practice of feeding machines like computers human language and allowing them to deduce meaning from the context in which that language is presented. Data science and human language work together in NLP, making it a useful tool in a wide range of industries. In 2022, almost everyone around the globe will have some experience with NLP.

The usage of search engines like Google or Bing is an excellent illustration of this. With the use of machine learning, both of these systems can figure out what a user wants before they ever say it out loud. Google, for example, can even construct a sentence for you whenever you enter a word.

Non-verbal language processing (NLP) completes a sentence for you by proposing several instances from which you may pick. Isn’t it amazing? Automated speech devices such as Alexa and Siri employ the same NLP to interpret and anticipate human language, as do search engines like Google

How does NLP work?

NLP may make use of one of two types of algorithms, depending on the preferences of the data scientists:

An early kind of NLP, rule-based algorithms relies on pre-existing instructions developed by linguists. If grammatical instructions are not provided, this NLP algorithm will not work.

Statistics are used to process language in this NLP method, which is the most current. An algorithm that uses data rather than grammar rules to make predictions is known as machine learning. The computers are able to anticipate on their own after being provided with training data.

This means that machine learning algorithms are the greatest solution since they don’t need human input to work. The goal of NLP is to develop a grammatical framework for sentences that is easy to understand by segmenting human language into discrete compartments. NLP technologies are able to read human language and transform it into a form that computers can comprehend.

Benefits of NLP course – Natural Language Processing

Analyze at a broad scale

All kinds of documents, systems, online reviews and comments, social media data, emails, and more may be analyzed using NLP technology on a large scale. Process enormous volumes of data in a matter of seconds or minutes, when the human analysis might take days or weeks. Another benefit of using NLP tools is that you may adjust the amount of processing power they provide based on your requirements.

Obtain a more unbiased and precise analysis

Humans are prone to errors and biases while doing tedious jobs, such as reading and analyzing open-ended survey replies and other text data, which may distort findings.

Many NLP-powered applications may be customized to your company’s specific language and criteria in only a few simple steps. They can thus execute much more precisely than humans ever could once they are up and running. To keep up with changing markets and languages, you may constantly alter and train your models.

Reduce expenses by streamlining procedures

NLP technologies may be used at any scale, 24 hours a day, and in real time.

A few full-time people are required to do manual data analysis, however, NLP SaaS technologies allow you to reduce the number of personnel you need. On-the-go analysis of consumer feedback is possible when NLP techniques are integrated with data, allowing you to identify issues with your product or service as soon as they occur.

Use NLP technologies like MonkeyLearn to automate the labeling and routing of tickets so that your agents aren’t burdened with repeated duties. Maintain a constant awareness of the latest trends and developments.

Customer satisfaction must be improved

Automatic analysis and sorting of support requests by subject, intent, urgency, sentiment, and other factors are now possible using NLP technologies, ensuring that no client is ever left hanging.

Integrations with CRM systems like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Service Cloud, and HelpScout by MonkeyLearn make it easy to track, route, and even answer customer support requests automatically. NLP analysis of customer satisfaction surveys may help you rapidly understand how satisfied clients are at every step of their journey.

Get to know your customers better

NLP is having a significant effect on marketing. In order to better target your consumers and reduce customer churn, you should use NLP to better comprehend the language they use to communicate with you.

Empower your workers

Your staff will be able to devote more time to their real work when you automate procedures and use data analysis to its fullest extent. Reduced boredom and exhaustion, as well as enhanced concentration, are all benefits of eliminating monotonous, repetitive duties from the workday.

Get genuine, actionable information

An additional degree of analysis is required for unstructured data such as open-ended survey replies and online reviews and feedback — the content must be broken down so that robots can understand it. Though it may be made easier with AI-guided NLP technologies

Now there’s no room for wild guesses or hasty evaluations. Natural language processing (NLP) is a powerful tool for extracting actionable insights from unstructured text using data from the real world. With the NLP course co-created by Amazon & IBM, you can be certain of getting the highest level of practical and useful knowledge.

The Natural Language Processing market is predicted to reach $22.3 billion by 2025! That creates a major opportunity for those who’d like to develop a professional career in this exciting field.

Natural Language Processing median salary in USA is $149.550

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Videos: Natural Language Processing NLP course with Amazon & IBM

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Natural Language Processing NLP course with Amazon & IBM
Natural Language Processing NLP course with Amazon & IBM


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