AI and Cloud Computing: Implementation Strategies for Business

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Skills Covered: Business Architecture, Business Intelligence, Business Applications, Infrastructure (IT), Digital Technology, Cloud Computing, Containerization, Orchestration, Cloud Implementation, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, AI Implementation

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Digital technologies are ever-evolving, rapidly moving from disruptive newcomers to industry standards. Despite the widespread adoption of cloud computing and interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), uncertainty remains around how to best implement these technologies and fully realize the competitive advantages they present.

To add value at your organization and remain competitive, it is critical that you have the tools and knowledge to implement and leverage digital technologies. Designed for leaders responsible for making technology-related business decisions, this program provides an overview of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, big data, AI and cognitive computing, blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing and 5G, and how they can be strategically implemented within specific enterprise environments.

Operating at the intersection of IT and business presents unique challenges. Leaders and managers need to stay on top of proliferating information and digital transformation, while reconciling technological advancements with existing environments and legacy systems. Not only do you need to determine the best breed of technology in the marketplace, you also need to ensure new technology aligns with existing technical environments, and supports business needs, processes and objectives.

This professional certificate program will address these challenges by providing a strategic overview of emerging vendor-specific digital technologies, focusing on two of the most important and in-demand domains: cloud computing and AI. Learners will review these technologies within an overarching enterprise architecture context, considering factors such as risk management, open source vs. proprietary, redundancy, security and growth.

Through real-world case studies and application exercises you will gain the skills to make sound business-driven technology decisions, and oversee implementation. You will apply program teachings to your own specific use cases, and will get to complete the end-to-end process from technology selection to workplace adoption.



  • Gain a high-level understanding of emerging technologies in the context of enterprise architecture.
  • Identify and appraise key technology vendors and proposed standards and frameworks, in accordance with your organization’s specific needs.
  • Communicate fluently on the topics of Cloud Computing and AI, and actively participate in technology discussions using appropriate technical language and terminology.
  • Evaluate the risks and benefits of adopting various emerging technologies, and be equipped with the tools and information to make effective business-driven technical decisions.
  • Through collaborative exercises, solve real-world problems and gain a more in-depth understanding of your own specific enterprise environment.



  • Cloud computing and AI are in the top 4 most in demand hard skills in 2020 (LinkedIn). 
  • Learners will gain a more comprehensive view of emerging technology implementation in the context of enterprise architecture, adding strategic value to their role and organization.
  • Middle managers in IT-related domains will acquire skills to take on greater responsibility for important technology-related business decisions, potentially advancing into roles like chief digital technologist, or functional area executive 
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AI and Cloud Computing: Implementation Strategies for Business
AI and Cloud Computing: Implementation Strategies for Business


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