Introduction to Open Source Development, Git, and Linux (LFD201)

Skills Covered: Open Source Software (OSS), OSS Projects, OSS Licensing, GitHub, System Administration, Text Editors, Shells, Bash, Command Line, Filesystem Layout, Partitions, Paths and Links, System Initialization, Memory, Networking, Command Details, Linux Filesystems, Command Line Tools, Bash Scripting, Files and Filesystems, Compiling, Linking, Libraries,  Java Installation, Building RPM, Debian Packages, Git Installation, Revision Control Systems, Git Concepts, Git Architecture, Commits, Branches, Diffs, Merges, Using Patches, Git Interfaces, Gerrit

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This course is designed for developers who have worked on any operating system and want to learn the fundamentals of open source development. While command-line experience is not needed, it will be beneficial.
This course will train you to work in open source programming communities and Linux environments in a comfortable and constructive manner. It illustrates that you know how to use Git to build new repositories or replicate current ones, commit new revisions, check modification history, compare discrepancies between versions, deal with separate branches, merge repositories, and communicate with a distributed development team.



This course’s lab exercises are designed to run on either native hardware or a virtual machine (VM) running under a hypervisor, such as those from the KVM, VMWare, or Virtual Box families. The course includes detailed guidance for setting up your lab environment.



The course covers the basics of open source software, including the benefits of using it, how to collaborate in OSS networks, governance structures, and licencing options. Installation, workspace environments, text editors, critical commands and tools, command shells and scripts, file structures, and compilation applications are all included. It also gives a detailed introduction to Git, a source control framework that originated from the Linux kernel community and allows for powerful widely distributed development.



There is a shortage of experienced open source developers. Companies are actively competing to recruit and retain talent, which has resulted in a gradual increase in salaries. The annual developer wage is currently $104,425 a year.

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Introduction to Open Source Development, Git, and Linux (LFD201)
Introduction to Open Source Development, Git, and Linux (LFD201)


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