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SQL, PostgreSQL, JOINs, Subqueries, Window Functions, Partitions, Data Cleaning, DDL, DML, Relational and Non-Relational Databases

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Would you like to learn SQL? If so, you’re in the right place!

This SQL course is kind of an introduction to SQL with SQL commands, control access, and data/data tables. The program consists of two sections. Each of them is broken further into modules.

The course will definitely build up your skills – you will learn fundamental SQL commands, you will use manipulating data tables and structures. A great thing often appreciated by students is the ability to clean and optimize data using SQL. You will understand the power of SQL and it will be easy for you to pull insights from relational databases.

You will also get familiar with non-relational databases like MongoDB and Redis. After completing the Learn SQL course, you should have the skills necessary to work as a Data Analyst, Product Analyst, Business Analyst, Software Engineer, etc.

The course takes around 2 months to complete. There is no specific prerequisite knowledge, however, a basic understanding of data types will be beneficial. 

The Benefits of SQL – The Structured Query Language

SQL’s benefits are growing and considerable. During the last two years, SQL’s use has grown enormously. Because corporations are collecting more and more data that must be kept and digested, this trend continues.

Why is it worth to learn SQL?

  • Universal Language. When it comes to a wide variety of fields, SQL may be found. When you use SQL, you’re speaking the language of the computer. As a result, you’ll want to learn more programming languages, such as C++ and Javascript. All of these languages are priceless and in high demand today. A desire to work in a certain sector is all it takes to succeed in a programming language. You may sharpen your skills as a developer, programmer, manager, and more while studying SQL. With SQL, there are absolutely no limits to what you can do.
  • Handle a Dataset with a Million Rows
    As a result, we’ll need a different approach when dealing with large datasets. Fortunately, SQL excels in this area: whether it’s 1,000 records or 100 million, SQL can manage data pools of nearly any size, and this is a field where SQL shines. The fact that you had so much data in it probably caused your spreadsheet to crash. Relational databases are designed to hold a large amount of data, often millions of rows. SQL allows you to carry out operations on this vast amount of data without fear of crashing..” Despite the fact that Microsoft Excel is a fantastic tool, it was not designed to conduct functions on millions of lines simultaneously. SQL is the program that allows you to do these massive jobs in relational databases.
  • Changes in technology
    Database technologies such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL Server support large organizations, small businesses, banks, hospitals, and colleges. As a matter of fact, SQL is used by everyone who has access to some type of mechanical instrument. SQL, which is used by both Android and iOS, may be found on your phone.
  • It’s in high demand
    In today’s workforce, there aren’t many people who have worked with SQL in the past. The modern market places a high value on such competence. There is, however, no difficulty in selling it. At the moment, employers are on the lookout for people who are proficient in SQL. Having the ability to earn a large payment is one thing. Employers, on the other hand, are aware of the value that a person with SQL expertise brings to their organization and must thus seek out and recruit such individuals. Additionally, if you’re considering a career shift, being proficient with SQL will give you an advantage over other candidates.

SQL skills are more in demand by employers than programming languages like Java, JavaScript, and Python!

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Videos: To Learn SQL with Udacity

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To Learn SQL with Udacity
To Learn SQL with Udacity


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