Unlocking Information Security

Skills Covered: Information Security, Cryptography, Buffer Overflows, Cryptograph, Symmetric Ciphers, Hash Functions, Hash Algorithms. Authentication Schemes, Buffer Overflow, IP Spoofing, TCP Injections, DDoS, NAT Boxes, Firewalls, RSA Public-Key Cryptography, Digital Signatures, MAC, Malware, Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Internet Security

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Nominated for the 2020 edX Prize

Information Security is everywhere: as the world becomes more and more digitized, so it becomes more and more hackable. Cyber attacks, data breaches, and even cyber warfare are all very real – so it’s infinitely important to understand how hackers think and act, and how we can fight back.


Needless to say, the demand for professionals that are knowledgeable in information security is exploding, and careers in the field are amongst the highest paying in the industry. Even so, it’s a challenging skill to master – information security is a battle of wits between attackers and defenders, so you really do have to learn from the best.

Israel is well known as a leader in the field, and “Unlocking Information Security” endorsed by Check Point Ltd., is the first Israeli academic MOOC covering the topic. From their work in the academia, industry and Israeli intelligence corps, the instructors of the course possess an extensive experience in the field.

Completing this program will teach you the necessary knowledge and skills needed to become a better and more vigilant professional in the high-tech industry. You will learn about the different ways in which computer systems can be vulnerable, as well as many useful mitigation techniques, including the most important cryptographic tools; you will take a hard look “under the hood” of operating systems and the Internet, understand how they can be exploited and how they can be secured; and most importantly, you will understand the principles of secure computer systems and the mindsets of both attackers and defenders.



  • The main concepts and technologies in the field of Information Security
  • A vast array of design, implementation and operational vulnerabilities
  • The principles of secure computer systems
  • Ways to take part in the design and implementation of secure computer systems
  • How to identify situations that should involve information security considerations and make informed decisions about them



  • The course focuses on software, networking and web, so it’s especially relevant for people interested in professions in IT, software engineering and web development.
  • The course provides a solid overview of information security, suitable for people looking to be product managers or executives in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Information security is increasingly important in the digitized world, and the course can be useful to any technical professional, as it teaches principles of secure design, implementation and operation that can be applied in any technological discipline.

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Unlocking Information Security
Unlocking Information Security


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