Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes (LFS157x)


Skills Covered: Serverless Technologies, Serverless in CNCF, OpenFaaS, Setting Up Kubernetes, Setting Up OpenFaaS, OpenFaaS Features, Python, Configuring a Function, Operating Serverless, CNCF Landscape, OpenFaaS ecosystem

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Learn how to create serverless functions that can run on any cloud and aren’t limited by execution time, available languages, or the size of the code. This course will give you an explanation of how a serverless architecture operates in conjunction with a Kubernetes cluster.
The course is aimed at software engineers and IT administrators who like to try out new approaches to software development and prefer to set their own boundaries when it comes to topics like timeouts and programming languages. Students should know cloud and container architectures, like Kubernetes, as well as Python skills before enrolling.

This course will teach you how to use a serverless solution in conjunction with a Kubernetes cluster and will guide you through the possibilities of serverless functions. You’ll be able to design functions in Python, customize them, use secrets by the end of the course, and install dependencies using pip and learn how to create native extensions. You’ll also learn how to use TLS to securely expose functions on the Internet and how to secure them with authentication.



Starting with an outline of the CNCF landscape around serverless technology, this course will help you understand what serverless is. You’ll learn how to make serverless scalable using the Serverless 2.0 definition and Kubernetes, as well as the OpenFaaS toolchain, which includes the UI, CLI, and REST API. You’ll also read about the OpenFaaS ecosystem, which includes the design and function stores for exchanging code models and functions. The course covers autoscaling, metrics, dashboards, upgrades, custom URLs, and versioning with OpenFaaS.

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Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes (LFS157x)
Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes (LFS157x)


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