Cloud Native Logging with Fluentd (LFS242)

Skills Covered: Fluentd log, Cloud Native Logging, Fluentd and Unified Logging, Fluentd Configuration, Fluentd with Plugins, Filtering Data, Creating Pipelines, Parsing Data, Formatting Data, Designing Effective Configurations, High Availability with Fluentd, Monitoring the Unified Logging Layer, Debugging, Tuning Fluentd, Fluent Bit

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The Fluentd log forwarding and aggregation method is introduced in this course for use in cloud native logging. Fluentd, also known as the “unified logging layer,” provides log transformation and enrichment, as well as aggregation and routing, in a fast and efficient manner.

This course is designed for people with a professional experience, such as sysadmins and engineers, who need to use cloud native logging software.

After completing this course, you will be able to deploy Fluentd in a variety of production environments.


Access to a Linux server or Linux desktop/laptop is necessary to complete the lab exercises in this course. You’ll also need access to a public cloud service or VirtualBox installed on your desktop. The course includes detailed guidance for setting up your lab space.

You should be able to complete the lab activities using the free tier or credits offered by a cloud service such as GCP or AWS. However, you can be charged if you use more credits than the cloud provider originally allocated to you, or if the cloud provider’s terms and conditions change.



This course will cover everything you need to know about Fluentd. From downloading Fluentd to running Fluentd in a container, and from using Fluentd as a basic log forwarder to using Fluentd as a sophisticated log aggregator and processor.

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Cloud Native Logging with Fluentd (LFS242)
Cloud Native Logging with Fluentd (LFS242)


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