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Become a Cloud Developer – Nanodegree for Cloud Developers

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The Cloud Developers course is your access to the latest-in-demand cloud computing skills using the AWS platform.

Throughout the program, you will learn how to build and deploy full-stack applications on AWS, as well as refactor monolithic applications in distributed microservices. These are the most crucial skills if you want to advance your web development career. You will learn everything about cloud computing – e.g. you will be introduced to compute power, storage, networking, and security. You will deploy your first static website on AWS. You will also have a chance to build your own Instagram on AWS. All the time you will have full support provided by Udacity’s mentors.

The course takes around 4 months to complete. In order to start the course, you should have intermediate knowledge of JavaScript and object-oriented programming. The Linux Command Line, CSS, and HTML will also be useful.

What Is a Cloud Computing?

Subscription-based cloud computing services such as storage, compute, security, networking, databases, and machine learning are provided by cloud suppliers on-demand. The internet makes it possible to access these sources from anywhere in the world. These resources are looked after by other parties. As a customer, you use these services and only pay for what you use.

We’re seeing a lot of interest in Cloud Computing as a result of these advantages. Cloud computing is expected to receive $300 billion in investment by the end of 2021. This has led to a widening disparity between the number of jobs available and the number of people qualified to fill them. A number of companies are also interested in hiring in the Cloud Domain. Companies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform have gained in importance as a result of the surge in demand for Cloud Computing. That’s why they’ve come up with their credentials, which has left us with the question of whether or not we should pursue them. Let’s begin by looking at the reasons why certification is beneficial.

Cloud Developers Certification: Main Reasons to Take the Step

Businesses are looking for Cloud Developers that have experience with AWS and Azure. According to, there are 25k open positions that need to be filled. If you’re looking for cloud pros, is just one option; there are many more.

More than 120 Microsoft Azure platforms were afraid that they would not be able to recruit enough people with cloud capabilities to meet the needs of their jobs. Consequently, we notice a lot of open positions for cloud-savvy workers. Because of this, cloud certifications might be beneficial. In addition to DevOps, another key stream has achieved unprecedented popularity. By bridging the gap between the development and operations teams, it facilitates the method of continuous software development. It is because of this that this stream has become more popular.

Popular cloud systems such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure can be easily integrated with DevOps tools. Because of this, there are a growing number of DevOps certifications for AWS and Azure.

Attractive Salary 

Cloud certification may also help you rise through the ranks of your company and earn more money. When it comes to working in the cloud, there is no shortage of money. As a Cloud administrator, you can expect to earn between $80,000 and $100,000 per year. On the other hand, developers with Cloud certifications earn an average of $120,000 a year. With the correct skills and qualifications, a cloud architect may make an average income of $125K, but this can rise to $200K with the right abilities and certifications.


An investment in a rising market is always preferable to an investment in a falling market. Vacancies are likely to increase in the Cloud Computing business, which has a bright future ahead of it. When we attempt to invest in circumstances where there are more openings than applicants, your chances of acquiring a job in the field are better. The cloud is in a similar predicament. Opportunities for competent workers are outpacing the number of openings.


Microsoft places a high priority on certifications. They are of the opinion that a person’s level of expertise may be assessed via the use of certificates. According to Microsoft and IDC, three of the top four criteria that an organization may seek for when hiring a cloud professional are certification, training, and experience. A cloud computing certification thus means that you can assist an organization decrease risks and optimise expenses for the implementation of workloads using the skills you possess. Cloud-related initiatives may be taken on by anyone, and your customers will regard you as a reputable SME because of this.

The only thing left to do is pick whether you’d like to be an administrator, developer, or architect. In order to succeed, you’ll need an appropriate certification such as Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Jobs for Cloud Developers

When we speak about earning these credentials or changing domains, we’re referring to them. Making money or acquiring a job is always the end goal. However, in light of the stiff competition in the industry, we are always looking for methods to differentiate ourselves. This may be done by obtaining certification. You’ll have a ticket to the Cloud Computing Universe after you’ve earned your certification. Cloud computing certification isn’t going to guarantee you a position, but it will put you in the running for one.

Why Cloud Computing qualifications are so important to your success has been explained. Let’s have a look at some of the things to avoid while taking these exams.

Few things to look at while pursuing a Cloud Developers path

  • Although there is a high demand for cloud certifications, not all of those certifications will lead to jobs. For this reason, credentials aren’t necessarily a guarantee of expertise in a certain area. 
  • Because of this, it’s essential to have both the necessary training and credentials. Having a certification makes it easy for firms to narrow down their pool of applicants. Another benefit is that it demonstrates a person’s dedication to the subject matter. And in certain situations, it is to guarantee that they satisfy the standard of having a greater number of credentialed persons on the board.
  • There are several benefits to obtaining a Cloud Certification, such as a raise in salary or promotion. Even if you’ve earned your cloud computing certification, it doesn’t imply that you’re qualified to take on any cloud-related responsibilities. When it comes to credentials, we need to be meticulous.
  • We’ve come to the conclusion of this post. Questions on this issue may be asked in the comment area below, and someone from our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. With Great Learning’s PGP Cloud Computing Course, you may get the skills you need to land your ideal job now.

There are more than 50K+ cloud computing jobs in the US alone, with a $120K average salary

More Cloud Computing courses. 

Videos: Become a Cloud Developer – Nanodegree for Cloud Developers

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Become a Cloud Developer – Nanodegree for Cloud Developers
Become a Cloud Developer – Nanodegree for Cloud Developers


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