Business Analytics Fundamentals for Leaders

Skills Covered: Data Analysis, Statistical Definitions & Data Types, Data Visualization, Descriptive Statistics, Probability, Sampling and Estimation, Uniform & Normal Distribution, Survey & Sampling, Confidence Interval, Business Application, Hypothesis Testing, Means & Proportions, Linear Models, Finding the Equation of a Line, Revenue, Cost, Profit and Breakeven Models, Supply and Demand, Piecewise Models


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Analyzing data has now become a necessity for organizations to be successful. Most major employers and businesses are prioritizing candidates with the ability to analyze, understand and articulate analytics. As such, it is critical to build and refresh your data analysis skills, and to master how to effectively apply these skills and add strategic value to your business.

This foundational business analytics certification will provide you with the hands-on skills and practical knowledge needed to be able to analyze, present findings and make meaningful conclusions about data in a business setting. By the end of this course, you will be able to impress your boss by recognizing, interpreting and summarizing your company’s data. Topics include: Data collection Data visualizations Descriptive statistics Basic probability Statistical inference Creating linear models Basic linear regression

This is a foundational program in business analytics, designed to prepare leaders with strategic decision-making responsibilities to effectively analyze, articulate, and apply key analytics techniques in their work and use that knowledge to make decisions.

This certification is also suitable for those in analytics roles looking to move into leadership positions, data-driven decision making is used. 


A Different Approach:

  • A focus on applied learnings – real business cases
  • LIVE Q&A sessions with the Instructor
  • Discussion Boards to foster collaboration
  • Create plans on how to apply learnings to business



  • Describe data types, sampling methods, surveys, and data visualization
  • Use popular descriptive statistics and basic probability concepts
  • Create inferential statistics tools such as confidence intervals and hypothesis testing
  • Use Excel model building for revenue, cost, and profit
  • Apply fundamental analytics to common business decisions

Real-World Applications:

  • Identify sales tactics that produce the highest revenue
  • Measure response to finite elements of a marketing campaign
  • Optimize warehouse operations – picking, shipping and transportation
  • Optimize profitability across a product line, including variance analysis
  • Test validity for immediate feedback in Agile Development environments


Participants who successfully complete this Executive Education Course will receive an official certificate, co-branded from Babson College and edX.

Need more details? Go to the course and schedule a video call with the enrollment team. 


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Business Analytics Fundamentals for Leaders
Business Analytics Fundamentals for Leaders


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