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4 months at 10 hrs/week

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Data Wrangling, Matplotlib, Bootstrapping, Pandas & NumPy, Statistics, Data Visualization

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The course is a great start for people who want to be exceptional Data Analysts. More and more innovative companies have declared they would need to hire new Data Analysts so the demand for qualified experts continues to rise. The Data Analyst course prepares you to be a successful Data Analyst who will be able to make crucial data-powered decisions.

You will learn how to work with big data, communicate critical findings, create real-business solutions, prepare visualizations, and prepare data for analysis. The course takes approximately four months. The program, besides working with data, also includes Python programming (functions, loops, data structures).

As you will start to apply these important concepts from the very beginning, you should at least know the basics of Python (specifically NumPy and Pandas) and SQL before you enroll. During this Data Analyst course, you may also learn some Machine Learning but the focus of the program is to prepare you for a data analyst job.

Why should you learn Data Analytics?

  • In today’s business world, data analytics is a must-have. Data analytics is being used by some of the world’s most successful companies to find new markets for their goods and services. Currently, 77% of top companies believe that data analytics is essential to their overall success. As a result, big data specialists have a significant impact on corporate policy and marketing tactics.
  • Increasing the number of jobs available. As organizations become aware that they lack the ability to collect, evaluate, and utilize data completely, they begin to seek out professionals who can. According to popular employment search engines, such as Indeed and Dice, the need for data analysts and consultants is on the rise. Professionals with this specific skill set are in more demand than ever before, but there aren’t enough of them to go around. As a result, anyone interested in working in this profession will have plenty of options.
  • Increasing salaries for data analysts. Data analysts are being paid even more as the demand for their services grows and the supply stays limited. Data analytics experts in India are now paid an average of 50% more than their IT-based peers. Companies all across the world are beginning to recognize the critical role played by these individuals.
  • There’s a lot of big data analytics going on in the world nowadays. The usage of data analytics specialists to support development is steadily gaining traction, just as computers have become essential in today’s business. Almost no industry has been spared the ravages of Big Data Analytics.
  • You’ll be able to choose from a variety of job titles. There are a wide variety of job roles and specializations available to those with a background in data analytics. In large corporations like IBM, ITrend, Opera, Oracle, and many more, your options for career titles are almost limitless. As a result of the widespread usage of big data, you have the option of becoming:

         – Data Analyst
         – Big Data Expert
         – Data Analytics Consultant

  • You will be a key player in the company’s decision-making process. One of the most common reasons for job discontent is that most workers believe they have little influence over their work environment. They often get the impression that they are only another gear in the massive corporate machine. As a data analyst, you’ll play a key role in the company’s strategic planning. Indeed, you will play a significant influence in the company’s future strategy and business choices, providing you with a vital function and purpose.
  • There is a strong adoption rate for big data analytics. In the same way that corporations have begun to use social media to promote their brands and communicate with customers, they have also begun to use data analytics. There is seldom a company these days that doesn’t have some kind of social media presence. The same is true for the adaption of data analytics. Every organization will require data analysts in the not-too-distant future. As a result, it’s a smart career option with a long-term future in business.
  • Perfect freelance chances may be found in this location. Most people do not want to be fully committed to one employment in the foreseeable future. Every day, people are looking for ways in which they may create the ideal work-life balance while diversifying their sources of income. You may work for some of the world’s largest companies as a well-paid consultant or freelancer by studying data analytics since it involves researching statistics, trends, and data in general. Almost entirely computer-based, this kind of work may be performed from almost anywhere at any time. As a result, working at a desk isn’t necessary.
  • Data analytics is rapidly replacing traditional methods. Nimbus Ninety’s poll demonstrates that data analytics takes over far quicker than expected. A recent poll indicated that big data analytics is the most exciting new technology to watch in the next three years.
  • Create new sources of income. You may readily discover new and untapped sources of income-generating if you have the analytical skills and know-how to put excellent data to good use. Increased income is a great method to improve your quality of life.

59% of companies plan to increase positions requiring data analysis skills. The average base salary for Data Analysts in the US is $78.075.

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Videos: Data Analyst course co-created with Kaggle

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Data Analyst course co-created with Kaggle
Data Analyst course co-created with Kaggle


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