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Business Analytics course co-created with Tableau

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In this Business Analytics course, you’ll gain foundational data skills that apply across functions and industries.

First and foremost, you will learn to collect, organize and analyze data with Excel and SQL. You will also be introduced to Tableau where you will communicate your findings. You will have a chance to work on statistics and visuals and then build simple Excel models to analyze possible business outcomes. You will get familiarized with NYSE data. The program also includes extracting and analyzing data stored in databases. You will learn much about SQL and how it works with data analysis. You will also be introduced to design and visualization principles so that you can build your data dashboards.

The course takes around 3 months to complete. There are no specific requirements for candidates for this Business Analytics course. You just need to be computer-literate.

Advantages of an Education in Business Analytics

Increasingly, organizations are depending on data analytics to help guide their strategy and drive development. Large enterprises aren’t the only ones benefiting from data analysis; small businesses, too, are discovering its advantages. Business analytics course graduates are more sought-after than ever before. Today’s rapidly changing corporate environment needs speedy adaptation or a strategy for recovery and long-term viability. In the future of business, graduates who are able to forecast trends and guide strategy will play an important role.

An increase in the use of analytics in business

It’s no secret that business analytics is all about using statistical techniques and tools to comb through data, draw conclusions about patterns, and make better decisions. In the last several years, many organizations have moved at least a portion of their operations to the internet and e-commerce, and the number is growing daily. Graduates who can decipher the information gleaned through this conversion are critical to a company’s success.

It is estimated that over 59% of companies are now using data science in a certain form and that over 71% of companies expect to increase their data analytics investment over the next three years. Using data analysis, firms may analyze a wide range of measures, including those that allow them to advance toward overall objectives, boost efficiency, evaluate present performance, and better manage expenditure to remain under budget.

In-Demand Expertise

Leaders in the field of business analytics are quick-witted and flexible. Students of a business analytics course with Udacity have a solid background in business theory and a strategic grasp of business analysis, which allows them to take on more responsibility. Students learn how to think critically and communicate effectively, as well as how to grasp the structure of businesses, networks, databases, and other technology, so they may help create and drive companies.

The business Analyst course provides the following basic abilities.

  • Effective interpersonal communication skills are essential for corporate executives, who use strategies such as effective listening to ensure that information is conveyed effectively, quickly, and professionally.
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Data and challenges are examined thoroughly by qualified business analysts to help make decisions and determine the course of a company’s future.
  • Business structure knowledge is essential for business analysts, as is adaptability. Analysts that have a solid grasp of the organization’s structure are better equipped to use the data they collect to increase productivity.
  • Experienced business analysts have the ability to view the big picture and grasp the inner workings of a company, which allows it to operate. A good leader is able to work well with their team and foster a productive work environment by utilizing organizational and attention-to-detail skills.
  • Working knowledge of the latest software and hardware for data analysis. Business analysts use data to develop business plans and processes based on an in-depth knowledge of various systems.  
  • There has been a significant rise in demand for data-driven leaders as more businesses realize the benefits of business analytics. 

Over the next ten years, employment opportunities in the field of analytics are expected to increase. The median salary for business analysts is $82,937. The typical annual income for executives will be $107,000.

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Videos: Business Analytics course co-created with Tableau

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Business Analytics course co-created with Tableau
Business Analytics course co-created with Tableau


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