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Data Streaming, Spark, Apache, Kafka, Kafka Streaming, Spark Streaming, API Development, DataFrames

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Data streaming is currently one of the most in-demand skills for Data Engineers. Real-time data streaming is the future of modern data engineering tools and this is what you will mainly familiarize yourself with throughout the Data Streaming Nanodegree.

You will learn how to process data in real-time. You will get to know how to use tools like Kafka, Spark Streaming, Apache Spark and Kafka Streaming. The Data Streaming program is divided into two parts – Apache Kafka and its ecosystem and Spark Streaming. The basics of data streaming include the Apache Kafka ecosystem, data schemas and ApacheAvro. On the other hand, you will get some hands-on experience – among the others, you will learn how to build real-time analytics applications.

As a result, data streaming systems may be used in a wide range of IT areas. Udacity offers a wide range of perks, including career help, career coaching, mentor support, project evaluations, quizzes, and live projects. Taking the Data Streaming Nanodegree Course also gives you the opportunity to learn about industry best practises and career-enhancing strategies.

The course takes around 2 months to complete. To succeed in the Data Streaming course, it’s recommended that you should have some experience with Python and SQL. Knowledge of ETL will be also useful.

What will you learn?

  • Udacity’s Data Streaming Nanodegree Program equips students with the following set of abilities:
  • Kafka Streaming and other data streaming technologies
  • Use Kafka with Spark to accomplish real-time data input and analysis.
  • Learn how to use the Stream processing library to create real-time stream-based applications- Faust
  • Real-time analytics and data aggregation should be developed
  • Learn how to utilize the streaming console’s reports to get insights.
  • Use of the Apache Kafka Python library for topic consumption, production, and management- Confluent
  • Learn more about the Kafka Ecosystem’s numerous components.
  • a thorough knowledge of Apache Spark Streaming’s many components and how they work
  • Data manipulation may be done with the aid of the Spark framework.
  • Structured Streaming and Kafka integration are provided.

Data Streaming nanodegree benefits

Learn how the various data streaming platforms function with Udacity’s online data streaming nanodegree program. You will learn how to process data in real-time using the Kafka and Spark streaming technologies, thanks to the course.

You’ll learn how to execute data analytics, and you’ll also learn how to use the streaming console’s reports to get insights. It’s a great way to get hands-on experience in the data streaming sector via the projects included in the curriculum. With the aid of this course, you’ll learn the best practices and techniques needed to succeed in the workplace.

Furthermore, since experts teach the Data Streaming Nanodegree Program, you receive an insider’s view of the many topics and approaches that you’ll learn throughout the course. If you complete this course, you’ll be well-versed in the fundamental ideas related to data streaming and current data engineering tools. Companion services like technical mentor assistance and student workspace help you get your ideal job via Udacity.

Data streaming is one of the most in-demand skills for Data Engineers who are in high demand with a base salary of $120k!

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Data Streaming Nanodegree
Data Streaming Nanodegree


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