Spring Framework Certification Training

Skills Covered:

Java Frameworks, Spring Framework Architecture, Object Coupling Problem, Loose Coupling, Tight Coupling, Dependency Injection, Spring Configurations, Autowiring, Implementing Autowiring, Automatic Bean Discovery, Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Data Access, Mapping Database, Jdbc Batch Processing, Hibernate, Spring Web, Spring MVC Architecture,  MVC Components, Spring MVC Application, Apache Tiles, Integrating Struts 2, JSF with Spring, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, Spring Integration

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Edureka’s Spring Framework Certification Training course is designed to make you a Spring Framework expert and teach you all you need to know to develop real-world web apps using Spring.

Spring Framework Certification Training from Edureka covers all of the fundamentals that have made Spring the most popular Java application framework. Starting with Dependency Injection and progressing to how to develop your first Spring application while incorporating Maven. Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), integrating Hibernate with Spring, creating an application with Spring MVC, and creating a user view with Apache tiles and JSF. Adding security to your spring application. Using Log4j as a logger and JUnit to write test cases. We will also develop a web application using Spring Framework at the end of the course.



Our Spring Framework Training was created by industry professionals with the following are the goals of our Spring Framework course:

  • Spring Framework Architecture
  • Spring’s Dependency Injection and Autowiring feature
  • Build application using Maven
  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and AspectJ
  • Data access mechanisms provided by Spring
  • Integrating Hibernate with Spring
  • Spring MVC
  • Create a web application using Spring MVC
  • Integrating Apache tiles with Spring
  • Integrating Struts2 and JSF with Spring
  • Spring Web Flow
  • Keeping your application secure
  • Using log4j for logging
  • Writing test cases with JUnit
  • Spring Integration Framework



The most widely used open source Java application framework is Spring. Most existing frameworks, such as Struts or Hibernate, focus on one layer or a specific part of application development.

While Struts handles the MVC model, Hibernate makes it easier to interact with databases. Spring Framework, on the other hand, integrates all industry standard framework techniques (for example, Struts and Hibernate) into a single package.

Spring has Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming, and unit testing support. This opens up the developer’s time to focus on the primary business logic rather than non-application code. Spring accelerates application development and increases developer productivity.



Anyone interested in becoming a Java Developer or learning the Spring Framework can enrol in this course. The only pre-requisites for this Spring Framework Course is basic understanding of Java and databases.

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Spring Framework Certification Training
Spring Framework Certification Training


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