Python Django Training and Certification

Skills Covered:

Python Programming, Errors and Exception, Regular Expressions and Packages, Object Oriented Programming in Python, Debugging, Databases, Project Skeletons, Django Web Framework, Web Development, Installing Django, MVC Model, HTTP Concepts, URL Mapping, Dynamic Webpages, Django Models, Toggle Hidden Content, jQuery, AJAX integration, Parsing XML, JSON with Python

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Edureka’s Python Django Training & Certification course is designed by top industry professionals to meet industry standards. This comprehensive online interactive course was created to help you gain knowledge of the Django REST framework, Django Models, Django AJAX, Django jQuery, and much more. You’ll also learn the Django web framework while working on real-world use cases, and you’ll get Django certification at the end. Enroll today with Edureka to become a certified Python Django expert.



The Python Django Training and Certification course from Edureka is designed to help students gain expertise in Python programming and create real-world web applications using Django. This course will cover both fundamental and advanced concepts such as writing Python scripts, file operations in Python, dealing with databases, and developing Django Views, Templates, Forms, Models, and REST APIs.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the core construct of the Python Programming Language
  • Explain the data structures used in Python
  • Explain the approach of the Object-Oriented programming paradigm
  • Discuss exceptions and errors in the program
  • Debug programs
  • Play with databases and data persistence in the Database or some flat files
  • Create Views and map URLs in Django
  • Use the Django Template System
  • Define Database Models for representing tables
  • Create REST APIs



Django is a well-known and high-level Python web framework. Some of the reasons why you should learn Django are as follows:

  • Python and Django are used by major businesses such as Disqus, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, NASA, The Washington Post, and others. For web developers, this means that knowing Python and its popular advanced frameworks, such as Django, should allow you to find work or even establish your own business.
  • Python is an excellent choice for bootstrappers and startups because to its rapid deployment and, as previously noted, a lower amount of necessary code when compared to Java, C, and PHP, among others.
  • The Python Django framework enables the usage of human-readable website URLs, which is beneficial not only to the end user but also to search engines, who use the keywords in the URL when ranking sites.
  • Django, for example, prevents a number of common security mistakes better than PHP.
    Furthermore, according to, the average pay of a Django professional in the United States is $117,000 per year.



This training does not have any prerequisites. However, knowledge with fundamental programming structures and the basics of HTML will be beneficial.

This Python Django Training from Edureka is appropriate for the following professionals:

  • Web Developers
  • UI Developers and Technical Leads
  • Full Stack Developers
  • QAs, Architects, and Technical Project Managers

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Python Django Training and Certification
Python Django Training and Certification


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