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Node.js Developer – Node.js Services Development (LFW212)


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Concepts Covered:

Creating a Web Server, Serving Web Content, Creating RESTful JSON Services, Manipulating Data with RESTful Services, Consuming Services, Aggregating Services, Proxying HTTP Requests, Web Security, Handling User Input, Mitigating Attacks

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ABOUT Node.js Developer COURSE

This Node.js Developer course is dedicated to developers who’d like to pursue the senior level. It is perfect for those who want to master and demonstrate Node.js knowledge and skills, and how to use Node with frameworks to securely compose servers and services. Before enrolling, students should be familiar with JavaScript as well as knowledge domains of the OpenJS Node.js Application Developer (JSNAD) program and know how to use a command line terminal.

This course will give you a top-notch preparation to build RESTful JSON services that are secure and straightforward to maintain. These skills will prepare you for the most common Node.js roles in today’s industry. The course is also a good preparation to take the OpenJS Node.js Services Developer certification exam. 

Node.js Developer LAB INFO

Practical Lab exercises in this course are designed to work either on native hardware, or using a virtual machine (VM), under a hypervisor in the KVM, VMWare, or Virtual Box families. More detailed instructions to set up your lab environment will be provided in the course.


  • To create web servers and leverage ecosystem frameworks for rapid composability
  • How HTTP works at a Node core API level
  • What the essential RESTful practices are
  • What are the requirements to implement RESTful services
  • You will develop skills needed for server and service composition

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a server-side platform for processing JavaScript using the V8 engine. Google Chrome and a few other comparable browsers are powered by the V8 open-source JavaScript engine, which provides the runtime environment required for both. In contrast to JavaScript, Node.js’ scalable design enables developers to construct full-fledged apps on the server.

All you need to run a JS application can be found in Node.js. In addition to being a web server, this free and open-source framework is capable of interacting with a wide range of third-party libraries.

Node.js is not a language of programming like Java, but rather a tool that aids in the creation of server code using JavaScript. There is a lot to learn about Node.js and its origins, so let’s take a brief walk down memory lane.

In 2009, the platform was created by developer Ryan Dahl with the help of Joyent’s funding. Node.js is just 12 years old, yet it has already shown to be an essential tool in server-side development. The platform’s fundamental engine, Chrome V8 JavaScript, as well as a low-level non-blocking I/O API paradigm and an event loop were the first additions.

The timeliness, accuracy, and originality of the Node.js development have been the most important reasons in its success. On both the client and server-sides, JavaScript underwent multiple updates in an effort to improve its speed and performance.

Node.js has a wide range of applications

  • Web applications that are updated in real time. Node.js shines in applications like Medium, a popular online publishing platform, and Trello, a tool for remote teamwork.
  • Websites and applications for online education. It’s easy to see how Node.js accelerated the development of Quizlet by making it more responsive.
  • eBay and PayPal are examples of high-level e-commerce and online payment platforms.
  • Apps for texting and chatting. Because of their light weight, ability to handle heavy traffic, and data-rich nature, real-time and multi-user apps are ideal candidates for Node.js. Use NodeJS,, and/or ExpressJS to build a real-time chat application.
  • Sensors or portable technologies have a lot of demands from the Internet of Things. You can use your smartphone and WiFi to operate a Node.js vehicle IoT device using this code.
  • The internet. Node.js is a great fit for social networking programmes since they need to be lightweight, safe, and constantly updated. LinkedIn and Twitter are two of the most well-known examples.
  • The platform’s short reaction time makes it easy to communicate with a big number of participants and run many scenarios in multiplayer games. On Medium, there are a few instances of this kind of writing.

Node.js features and benefits

This backend platform has a number of benefits, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness and ease of use. The use of a single language for both the front-end and back-end reduces the need for numerous teams to work on the same project.
  • The ability to reuse and exchange code, support for JSON, a variety of free tools, and a reduced stack of files required to complete the application all contribute to a quicker development cycle.
  • For good reason, Node.js is often cited as having the best scalability because of its load balancing capabilities, ability to manage many simultaneous connections, and vertical and horizontal scalability support.
  • Fast synchronisation is made possible via an event-based paradigm, which enables real-time updates while also performing a number of background operations.
  • A thriving neighborhood. In the event that you face an issue, you’re not on your own since JavaScript is also supported. If you’re struggling to solve a problem because you lack knowledge or expertise, there’s no shortage of feedback or online resources to assist you.
  • Better for modifications because of its built-in API and higher adoption rate owing to a simpler and shorter learning curve, particularly for those acquainted with its companion — JavaScript.
  • Node.js also has a direct caching module, which reduces loading time.
  • Minimally viable product (MVP) development: a product with enough function to be well-presented on the market in a short period of time.
  • In order to break down large projects into smaller, more manageable chunks, Node.js makes use of microservices. As a result, team members are better able to allocate work between themselves.
  • Cross-functional teams with improved communication and productivity are formed rather than a typical functional team where competence is specified and function overlap is generally discouraged.

Node.js developer – is it worth using Node.js?

If you know when and how to utilize Node.js, you won’t have to ask this question. In the annual Node.js User Survey, for example, respondents noted that Node.js had the following influence on their businesses:

  • Enhanced developer output
  • Higher levels of developer contentment
  • Development expenses may be reduced.
  • Increased software efficiency
  • Increased working hours
  • Recruited developers and improved customer service
  • Increased the level of commitment from the target audience

Node.js Developer JOB OVERVIEW

According to PayScale, the average salary of a fully qualified Node.JS Developer in US is $104,964.

Cost effective – Node.js certification and Exam Bundle

Exam only – Node.js Application Developer (JSNAD), Cert. Exam

Exam only – Node.js Services Developer (JSNSD) Cert. Exam

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Node.js Developer – Node.js Services Development (LFW212)
Node.js Developer – Node.js Services Development (LFW212)


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