Node.js Certification Training

Skills Covered:

Node.js, File System Module, JSON Data, Express Framework, Asynchronous Programming, Customizing HTTP Requests, Integration with MongoDB, NoSQL Databases, MongoDB, Email Servers, REST APIs, GraphQL, MongoDB Driver API, Express Router, Mongoose API, GraphQL Playground, Node.js Applications with ES6, User Authentication, Application Security, JSON Web Tokens, Bcrypt, Node-local storage, Client-Server Interaction, Web Sockets, Building API with Redis, Testing Node.js Applications, Microservices Application

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Edureka’s Node.js Certification Training teaches you how to create scalable web apps with the Express Framework and deliver them with Nginx. You will learn how to build MongoDB-backed apps and get in-depth understanding of REST APIs, as well as how to perform testing, build applications using microservices architecture, and write a real-time chat application using Socket IO.



You will be able to do the following after completing this Node JS Certification Training:

  • Understand the Node.js framework.
  • Collaborate with Node Projects
  • Use shrink-wrap to secure the node module versions.
  • Discover asynchronous programming.
  • Using HTTP APIs, create an HTTP server using Node.js.
  • Learn about file systems in Node.js.
  • Recognize Buffers, Streams, and Events
  • Understand multi-processing in Node.js.
  • Express.js is the master.
  • Discover how Express.js communicates with MongoDB and SQLite.
  • Create a chat application with
  • Collaborate with Gulp and Grunt.
  • Learn about unit and end-to-end (e2e) testing.



Node.js is based on JavaScript, a programming language that is familiar to millions of developers worldwide, thus it has a significantly shorter learning curve, even for beginners. With Node.js, you can easily create basic command line scripts as well as complex enterprise level online apps. Node.js is a server-side, event-driven, asynchronous runtime environment. Node.js allows you to create even the most complicated functions in a few of lines of code. Developers who complete this programme will be able to quickly demonstrate their credibility and value in the job market.

Node.js Certification Training will teach you everything you need to know about Express.js, Node Package Manager (npm), Asynchronous Programming, REST API, Node.js with MongoDB, CRUD operations, Microservices Architecture, and much more. 

According to, the typical salary for “Node.js developer” ranges from around $72,665 per year for Web Developer to $117,927 per year for Senior Software Engineer.



A good understanding of JavaScript is recommended for Node.js. If you want to brush up on your abilities, Edureka provides a free pre-recorded course: “JavaScript Essentials for Mastering Node.js.”

This course is intended for professionals who want to become application developers and learn how to build real-time, highly scalable apps using Node.js. This training is suitable to the following professionals:

  • Freshers who wish to learn web development
  • Web Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Software Architects
  • Testing Professionals

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Node.js Certification Training
Node.js Certification Training


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