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Android Architecture, Android Studio Setup, Android Layouts, Android Widgets, Frame Layout, Table Layout, WebView, Check Box, Radio Buttons, Spinner, Auto Complete Text View, Card View, Time Picker, Date Picker Dialog, Broadcast Receivers, Local Broadcast Manager, Android Fragments and Notifications, Android Customizing Widgets Android Options Menu, Storage, Media and Animations, Media Player, VideoView, Tween Animation, Frame Animation, Android Web Services, Android Location Framework, Google Maps, Geocoder, Database Framework, Third-Party Libraries, Localization, Social Media Integration, End-to-End App Development, Debugging Applications

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Edureka’s Android Certified Developer training is certified by Google. This Android Certification training is delivered by industry professionals who have created complex mobile apps. This Android training will include interactive discussions as well as hands-on projects to guarantee that you graduate from this Android certification course as an expert Android developer.

This Google-certified Android training course is designed for programmers who want to learn how to develop mobile applications for the Android platform. This Android Certification will assist you in mastering Android app development, learning how to set up Android Studio, understanding Android architecture in-depth, integrating your mobile apps with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, Google Drive, Google Maps, SQLite, as well as creating and optimizing the app user experience.


Our Android App Development course was created by industry professionals to help you become Android App Developer. The following are the goals of Android App Development course:

  • Basic Android Development tools such as Android Studio, DDMS, Drawables, Listeners and Activity Lifecycle
  • How to use various Layouts and Widgets and Implementing Event Receivers in your android application
  • How to communicate between fragments and activities in android
  • How to customize a widget and implement a menu bar in your activity
  • How to create interactive applications in android with multiple activities including audio, video and animation
  • How to create a dynamic web application with jSON and SOAP Service
  • How to display a user current location in a google map


Android is quickly becoming one of the key platforms for programmers today. Skilled Android developers are in high demand all around the world. The majority of organisations across different industries are developing Android Apps for both corporate and retail items. Whether you are a student or work in the IT sector, knowing how to code in Android can help you take the next important step in your career. As part of this Android course, you will create your own mobile applications with the help of our expert instructors to gain hands-on experience. This Android course is intended to assist you in becoming a top mobile app developer.

  • Google certified program for globally recognized Associate Android Developer Certificate
  • 1M apps on the Playstore with 65B downloads and $7B of wealth earned by programmers
  • Salary for android developers in US is between $62k – $159k (based on US job data)

For developers, it’s an excellent moment. Software packages are becoming bigger and more complicated, which necessitates the use of more programmers and scripters.

The mobile platform is at the forefront of this revolution. The mobile web and applications ecosystem is developing faster than before, leading in a surge in software development employment tailored for the mobile platform, which has approximately 4.7 billion users globally.

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world today.

Well over 1.5 million Android smartphones are activated throughout the world every single day. ” Aside from smartphones, there are a wide range of tablets, gaming consoles, drones, and more. 

Connected devices will include smart lighting, fans, and thermostats. Quite a few of these smart technologies will have their own platforms where developers may offer customised applications and connect through Android’s open-source architecture.

When you get the hang of the Ecosystem, it is a pleasure to use.

In other words, what would you need in order to get started creating Android applications? Is there any special equipment required? How do you get a licence? To operate an Android app, all you need is a fully functional system and internet access.

Because the Android ecosystem is so diverse, applications must be able to run on a variety of devices. You may get started by downloading Android Studio and becoming familiar with the various parts of the Android OS and platform (kernel, API, DRM), but here is where being Android Certified Developer truly makes a difference.

Mobile App Developers’ Pay Is Increasing at an Increasing Rate!

If you’re good at coding, you should consider a career in mobile app development. 

Even large corporate software companies are moving to mobile application development in an effort to boost their profit margins. Alternatively, you might work as a freelancer mobile developer and earn a good salary. Full-stack developers have a distinct advantage when it comes to freelancing.

Android Certified Developer works on an Open Source Platform

Open-source software gives programmers a great deal of freedom. As an Android developer, you have the option of creating applications or working on Android OS upgrades and enhancements, depending on your interests. Because only compatible devices are shown in the Google Play store, every app is immediately filtered out.
If you want to learn how to develop Android applications that function on every device, on any version of the Android operating system, then certification training in Android is the best way to do it. The Android platform, on the other hand, provides excellent cross-platform interoperability and allows developers to perform research on other platforms.

Because of this, you might have a little area in an enormous market that is all yours!
A far lesser number of people utilize the other fixed, closed mobile operating systems. Android has a superior ability to differentiate and categorize products. Android allows you to access a wide audience and set your rates appropriately. When it comes to the amount of money they’re prepared to spend, first-time smartphone users and long-time smartphone users will certainly vary. They will utilize totally different applications on their tablets and smartphones.

You don’t have to build the finest sharemarket app for managers or the best educational game for youngsters to get a devoted and engaged group of Android users. Developers will have access to a bigger user base and a more lively ecosystem as more gadget manufacturers begin supporting Android.

Market Your Product in a Variety of Ways

As a result of Android’s breadth and competence in monetizing the numerous applications that run on its system, you may generate money in any method that feels appropriate for you. Since of this, other mobile applications have a greater barrier to entry because firms need to be pretty certain that an app would be of value to their customer base before launching it. You’ll need to charge a lot more for your app on these platforms or have a lot of users if you want to earn any money from advertising.

A developer’s time is money, and getting an app accepted by Apple’s iOS or Microsoft’s Windows OS might take a long time. If you have an app in development and are interested in testing out the market for customer demand and demographics, Android is a great platform to do it. You may either charge a set amount for your software or advertise it, or you can do both. You may publish the same software in multiple countries at different pricing points.


Anyone interested in learning Android programming should be familiar with Core Java. All participants will receive a free Java Essentials for Android course from Edureka. It will assist you in brushing up on your fundamental Java skills. This Android Certified Developer course is for all students and professionals who want to create outstanding Android apps.

The average salary of Android Developer in United States is $126k

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Android Certified Developer Training Course
Android Certified Developer Training Course


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