Open Source Software Development (LFD102)


Skills Covered: Open Source Software (OSS), OSS Projects, OSS Strategy Development, The OpenChain Project, Continuous Integration, OSS Licensing, OSS Legal Issues, OSS Licensing Issues, Fossology, SPDX, CHAOSS, Leadership vs Control, Encouraging Diversity in OSS, GitHub, Advanced Git Interfaces, Gerrit

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This free course introduces developers to the fundamental principles of open source software development. It explains who (successful programmes and communities), what (definition), why (benefits), where (Git), and how (licensing, compliance, collaboration tips, managing diversity and continuous development & integration).
This course is intended for software developers who want to learn the “laws of the road” for developing open source software, whether they are beginners or have primarily created proprietary technology.
You will be prepared to use open source applications in programming practises in a sustainable and compliant way.



This course will teach you the fundamentals of developing open source software (OSS), as well as the advantages of using OSS over proprietary products, which open source projects form the foundations of today’s global technology infrastructure, how to behave appropriately when working on OSS projects, OSS licencing issues, and how to use projects like FOSSology and SPDX to foss.

You should be able to do the following at the end of this course:

  • Make a list of the core ideas that go into creating Open Source Software (OSS).
  • Understand how OSS has progressed to its current leading status.
  • Explain the advantages of using open source software over proprietary software and how to debunk any myths that might emerge.
  • Get yourself familiar with the open source projects that underpin today’s global technology ecosystem.
  • Work with groups like the TODO Group and the OpenChain Community to help you gain a strong foundation in OSS approaches and communities.
  • To create the right code and draw on the strengths of other contributors, behave appropriately when engaging in OSS projects.
  • Understand OSS licencing topics such as forms (restrictive vs. permissive) and how to choose the appropriate one.
  • To encourage compliance, use projects like FOSSology and SPDX.
  • Have a good understanding of best practises for long-term project success, such as how to value and promote diversity.
  • Learn from GitHub and other distribution platforms, as well as technical interfaces like Gerrit.
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Open Source Software Development (LFD102)
Open Source Software Development (LFD102)


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