UX Design and Evaluation

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Skills Covered: Design Thinking, UI Design, UX Research, Quantitative UX Methods, UX Prototyping, UX Prototyping Tools, Invision, Balsamiq, Axure rp, Adobe XD, User-Centred Design (UCD), Incremental Innovation, Radical Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, User Testing, UX Evaluation, Test validity, UX Data Analysis, Descriptive Statistics, Study Design, Bias Sources, Hypothesis Testing, Means of Comparison, Two-Way ANOVA, UX Strategy

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It is hard to overstate the importance of UX in our relationship with the digital environment. Forrester has established that organizations that invest in UX have fared better than most in bull markets and in recessions (Forrester, 2015). This is truer than ever, now that the pandemic has broadened the adoption of remote work, online social life and entertainment.

Learn User Experience fundamentals from the professors of the most important UX lab in North America. In this UX MicroMasters program, you will learn to meet organizational goals and satisfy users by applying a user-centred process to the digital products and services development that solve industry-relevant, real-world problems.

For each user-centred development phase (UX Research, Design, Prototyping and Evaluation), you will acquire the relevant theoretical knowledge and the applied best practices to plan, perform, analyze and communicate useful insights for the following development phase.

From personal financial services and employee-oriented software to disruptive medical applications, this MicroMasters program will help you develop the design thinking, UX evaluation and UX project management skills necessary to generate new solutions to pressing problems.

In each course, you will face a series of week-long challenges based on state-of-the-art research currently underway at HEC Montréal’s Tech3lab Laboratory. Through these challenges, you will refine your understanding of core concepts and prove your abilities in the very sought-after field of UX , from user interface, heuristic evaluation, human-computer interaction, usability testing, user interaction, to user experience.

This rigorous graduate-level series represents 20% of the coursework towards a Master of Science degree in UX in a Business Context from HEC Montréal. You will have unique access to the Tech3lab, an applied laboratory in management science, specializing in the analysis of interactions between technological interfaces in organizations and their employees or customers.



  • Design professional interfaces offering quality user experiences;
  • Develop empathy and insights using Web analytics and qualitative and quantitative methods;
  • Leverage insights from data in order to propose empirically-based recommendations;
  • Prototype low-tech mock-ups to high-fidelity interactive interfaces; and
  • Execute formal lab evaluations for all user testing, including compliance testing.



  • UX demand for UX specialists is strong and will grow some a hundredfold between 2017 and 2050, as organizations around the world strive towards UX maturity. (Source: Jakob Nielsen, NNGroup)
  • Career opportunities include UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Specialist, and UX Project Lead if your background is in project management.
  • The average salary for a UX Designer or a UX Specialist in the USA is $100,000 a year, for a UI Designer, $84,000. (Source: Indeed).
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UX Design and Evaluation
UX Design and Evaluation


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