The Foundations of Happiness at Work


Skills Covered: Achieving Happiness at Work, Evaluating Happiness, Strategy to Increase Workplace Happiness

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This course is part of The Science of Happiness at Work Professional Certificate. It explains what happiness at work looks like, why it really matters, and how to cultivate it through the organization. 

It starts with the definition of happiness and proposes that work happiness can improve the performance of individual employees and the entire organization, increase innovation capabilities, productivity, engagement, loyalty and work quality. Then, it explores empirical research on key factors related to happiness in the workplace, focusing on behaviors like gratitude, developing a strong sense of purpose, and establishing sincere partnerships with others. The course will also emphasize common barriers that hinder happiness in the workplace on a personal and cultural level.

Finally, this course provides a practical framework for achieving happiness in the workplace, and explores the following feasible techniques: a) Assess happiness in the organization; b) Create effective strategies to increase happiness in the workplace; c) In your own work, and life, implement the strategy team or the culture of the entire organization within oneself, and provide special tips for workplace leaders.

The lecturers of this course are expert professors from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Dacher Keltner and Dr. Emiliana Simon-Thomas. Emiliana Simon-Thomas’ early edX course “The Science of Happiness” has become a global phenomenon, introducing five million students around the world who live a happy and meaningful life with research-based keys. In this course, they tailor their scientific insights to the needs of the modern workplace.



  • The personal, professional and social advantages of happiness at work
  • How to determine the obstacles and pitfalls of getting happiness at work
  • A series of practical research-based methods that can increase happiness at work
  • Strategies to assess the level of happiness within the organization
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The Foundations of Happiness at Work
The Foundations of Happiness at Work


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