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Skills Covered: Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing Tools, Digital Marketing Techniques, Digital Marketing Strategy, Outbound Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Multi-Sided Platforms, OmniChannel Marketing, Marketing Mix Modeling, SEO, SEM, A/B Testing, Machine Learning (ML), AI Applications, Big Data, Online Advertising, Social Media, Social Network Analysis, Managing Customer Relationships, Marketing Evaluation

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Digital marketing is fast becoming the dominant tool in marketers’ toolboxes. While “out of home” marketing and mass communication continue to make-up a large part of a company’s marketing budget, the digital components of these budgets are growing rapidly. This is in part due to the fact that digital marketing presents the opportunity to track the ROI on every dollar spent. As such, it is critical that experts in digital marketing build both sound marketing and creativity skills, as well as significant skills in data analysis.

This program will prepare you for the future of marketing and arm you with the most critical tools and skills to drive value at your company. You will learn the key marketing skills most in-demand today, including: omni-channel marketing, marketing analytics, social media strategy, online advertising, and AI approaches to customer value analysis.

Designed by world-renowned marketing professors at Maryland Smith, home to some of the strongest marketing researchers and teachers in the world, this Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing from the University of Maryland develops the digital marketing acumen you need to take advantage of the explosive growth and rapidly evolving marketing industry. Today’s marketers face a “digital skills gap,” and when you earn a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing from Maryland Smith, you will be future ready.



  • How the varied and changing approaches to digital marketing, such as mobile and omnichannel marketing and attribution and marketing mix modeling.
  • How to leverage SEO and SEM strategies including web analytics, machine learning and AI/Big Data applications.
  • How to harness the power of Customer Lifetime Value Concepts by applying it to firm value, selection of customers and loyalty programming.
  • How to develop Online Advertising Ecosystems complete with Social Media /Social Network and Media Big Data analysis for better decision making.



  • The job outlook for digital marketing professionals is slightly better than the average profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job demand in the overall field of marketing should increase by 10% by 2026. (ZipRecruiter)
  • Career opportunities as a Marketing Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, or Account Executive among others Salary range from 54k-110k per year (Glassdoor)
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