Connected Strategy: Maximizing Customer Engagement

Skills Covered: Connected Strategies, Connectivity, Connected Relationships, Connected Delivery Model, Value Proposition, Efficient Frontier, Mapping Customer Journey, WTP Drivers, Customer Pain Points, Repeat Dimension, Customer Pain Points, Information Gathering, Data Protection Policies, Connected Producer, Connected Retailer, Connected Market Maker, Crowd Orchestrator, Network Creators, Connected Strategy Matrix, Connected Toothbrush, Connected Delivery Models, Classification Trees, Selection Tables

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This program is designed for business executives who are interested in implementing connected strategies within their organization to accelerate business growth.

Technology has created new forms of connectivity with customers involving frequent, low-friction, customized interactions. This means that companies can now anticipate customer needs as they arise, or even before and create new business models that deliver more value to customers. Connected strategies are win-win: companies can deliver a superior customer experience and boost operational efficiency.

In this Executive Certification, strategy and operations experts Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch reveal the emergence of connected strategies as a new source of competitive advantage. With in-depth examples from companies operating in industries such as healthcare, financial services, mobility, retail, entertainment, nonprofit, and education, they identify the four pathways respond-to-desire, curated offering, coach behavior, and automatic execution for turning episodic interactions into continuous relationships. They show how each pathway creates a competitive advantage, then guide you through the critical decisions for creating and implementing your own connected strategies.



In this certification program, through group projects and business-oriented application activities, executives will be able to:

  • Identify and define connected strategies, their potential, and value proposition.
  • Analyze customer experiences to understand the customer journey.
  • Leverage positive feedback loops with customers to create effective customization strategies.
  • Identify connected relationships in your firm to improve your connected strategy.
  • Create connection architecture and implement connected customer relationship strategies
  • Create a Connected Customer Relationship and Connected Delivery strategies for an organization of your choice
  • Analyze the process of how a connected strategy is created
  • Envision, plan, and develop a connected strategy that you can directly apply in the future for your own organization.


Participants who successfully complete this Executive Education Course will receive an official certificate, co-branded from Columbia Business School and edX.

Need more details? Go to the course and schedule a video call with the enrollment team. 

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Connected Strategy: Maximizing Customer Engagement
Connected Strategy: Maximizing Customer Engagement


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