Skills Covered: Procurement, Sourcing, Supply Chain Design, Network Flow Models, Supply Chain Network Design, Supply Chain Finance, Supplier Management, Production Planning, Demand Management, Process Design, Organizational Design

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This Supply Chain Design course is part of the MITx MicroMasters Credential in Supply Chain Management, ranked no 1 SCM Master’s program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

CTL.SC2x Supply Chain Design covers all elements of designing supply chains for businesses and organisations all around the world. The course is split into four sections: physical flow design, supply chain financing, information flow design, and organizational/process design. We demonstrate how to devise and solve Transportation, Transshipment, Facility Location, and Network Architecture Problems in the design of physical flows. For financial flows, we demonstrate how to convert supply chain principles and activities into the jargon of a company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

We address Activity-Based Costing, Working Capital, the Cash-to-Cash loop, and Discounted Cash Flow Analysis. The information flow section’s architecture explains how companies interact with their vendors (procurement, risk contracts), internal tools (production planning, bills of materials, inventory needs planning), and consumers (Sales & Operations Planning and other collaboration based processes). The final segment introduces performance measure design and operational design within the supply chain enterprise, with an emphasis on the centralize/decentralize decision.

The main topic areas we will be covered in course are:

  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Supplier Management
  • Production and Demand Planning
  • Process and Organizational Design

This course is recommended if you are interested in a career in supply chain management, specifically the roles of Supply Chain Analyst, Operations Manager, or Logistics Coordinator.



  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Network Design and Facility Location
  • Procurement and sourcing
  • Demand management and Sales & Operations Planning
  • Production planning

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Supply Chain Design
Supply Chain Design


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