Introduction to Trading with Technical Analysis

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Skills Covered: Trading, Technical Analysis, Quantitative Technical Analysis, Trading Methodology, Technical Indicators, Psychology of Trading, Subjective Analysis, Objective Analysis, Algorithmic Trading, Position Sizing, Turtle Strategy

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Technical analysis is a discipline that uses market data to define the state of financial markets. It provides a framework to forecast the expected trend in the market.

Tools of technical analysis can be applied in any time frame. This makes them useful for day traders, individual investors managing retirement accounts or analysts preparing detailed reports that include opinions on the likelihood of gains in a market.

Because the analysis is based solely on market data, technical analysis can be applied to individual stocks, broad market indexes, futures contracts, cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange or any other market.

The information in these courses can be used to develop a standalone trading methodology. It can also be used as a supplement to fundamental analysis, using fundamentals to determine what to buy or sell while using technicals to determine when to make the trades. In this way, technical analysis helps an analyst add value to their reports.

Fundamentals of Technical Analysis focuses on defining the tools of technical analysis including chart patterns and indicators. Quantitative Technical Analysis provides a strategy for incorporating the tools into an algorithmic format that can be automated or applied manually in a disciplined manner.

Combined, the courses provide all the information needed to become a trader in any market around the world or an analyst specializing in technical reports of financial markets.

This professional certificate is comprised of the following courses:

  • C01: Fundamentals of Technical Analysis
  • C02: Quantitative Technical Analysis


NOTE: Completing both courses is MANDATORY to achieve the edX Professional Certificate in Introduction to Trading with Technical Analysis. A verified learner must pass all courses in the program with a minimum grade of 70% to earn a Professional Certificate for Introduction to Trading with Technical Analysis.



  • Understand the fundamentals of technical analysis.
  • Understand quantitative technical analysis.



  • Job opportunities for financial analysts, including technical analysts, would grow by 6% between 2018 and 2028. According to the BLS, the mean annual wage for financial analysts was $100,990 in May 2018.
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Introduction to Trading with Technical Analysis
Introduction to Trading with Technical Analysis


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