Fintech: The Future of Finance

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Skills Covered: Fintech Sector,  Value Creation in Finance, Financial Regulation, Blockchain for Business, Blockchain for Finance, Cryptography, Blockchain Technology, Blockchain Applications, AI in Finance, Machine Learning in Finance, P2P Crowdfunding, Linear Machine Learning Models, Non-linear Machine Learning Models, IoT in Finance, APIs in Finance, Payments

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The trend in the financial industry is clear: Technology powered financial services is the way of the future, and it is critical that finance professionals have the technology acumen to ensure your firm is not left behind. It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to understand not only the application of expansive technological advancements like AI and machine learning in the area of finance, but also technologies that are integral to the future of financial services like distributed ledgers and algorithmic trading.

The Financial Technology Professional Certificate program provides an overview of the most recent technological advances that are radically changing the financial services industry, and all other industries that rely on automated financial transactions, as a result.

These technological breakthroughs offer new ways for people and organizations to save, invest, borrow, and transact. Learn how new technologies create value in the financial industry, from reducing unit cost, increasing transparency, increasing competition, creating network effects, leveraging economies of scales, and lowering asymmetric information. The program also explores the competitive landscape and the market opportunities and threats for incumbents and new entrants.

The program is divided into 4 courses.

  • Course 1 provides an overview of the Fintech sector
  • Course 2 focuses on distributed ledgers, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies
  • Course 3 analyzes the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the finance industry, from credit scoring models in marketplace lending and crowdfunding, to algorithmic trading and robo-advising
  • Course 4 concentrates on the internet of things, with a focus on insurance and electronic payments, including domestic mobile payments, open banking, and international remittances.


The program will cover both the business opportunities and growth areas in the fintech industry, as well as the technology underpinning the industry, from machine learning to blockchain, APIs and IoTs.

You can enroll in the entire 4-course program to gain a comprehensive knowledge of fintech, or select individual courses to hone in on specific topics and skills. Financial professionals are often required or encouraged to continue their education to practice their profession. For some associations, this program may be used for Continuing Education Credits. Please check with your local or national organization if the program qualifies.



  • After the completion of this certificate program, you will be an expert in the intersection of financial and technology.
  • How financial institutions create value and build competitive advantage using technology.
  • What machine learning is, and how it is used in finance.
  • What blockchain technology is, and how distributed ledgers will change financial markets.
  • The exciting world of APIs in finance, the latest hot area of fintech.



  • The majority of Technology, Media, Telecommunication, and Financial Services organizations worldwide are creating jobs related to fintech, but struggling to fill these positions.
  • Upskilling of fintech skills is a critical component to the professional career of anyone working in finance or technology.
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Fintech: The Future of Finance
Fintech: The Future of Finance


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