Degree Programmes

Degree Programmes are ideal for those who want to study a particular subject in greater detail and would like to open their path for future success. It is highly recommended to complete a degree in a specific field of interest to improve employability and for further successful career development. Degree Programmes you can find in Ubbergo platform are designed by Top Universities and offered by Industry Leaders. To gain this popular qualification you’ll need to be prepared for an intense period of study, and that is understandable if you’d like to become a real expert in a specific field. You need to put a relevant ‘’degree’’ of effort to complete your ‘’degree’’.

The most popular Degree Pathways:

Micro Bachelors & Micro Masters programs are a series of graduate level courses created by Top Universities and influenced by Fortune 1000 companies to advance your career. They are specifically designed to ensure deep learning in a specific field and are recognized by employers for their practical content in real job environment. These are the most popular and recognized paths to a full Bachelor’s or Master’s degree that make you job-ready much faster. No more waiting long years to change your future!

Top Benefits:
  • Affordable – much less expensive vs standard degree and make you job-ready much faster
  • Flexible & Relevant – earn a valuable certificate online at your own peace and develop practical skills that companies hire for
  • Real College Credit – in each program there are real, transferable college credits included from the University that released the program. As a result, the achieved certificate will accelerate your learning path for a full degree, and you can easily start your dream job much earlier
  • Coaching & Support – you’ll get personal coaching and support to stay on track to finalize your program successfully

Nanodegrees are micro-credential programs that focus only on in-demand skills. They are only offered in Udacity and the topics of such courses come straight from Silicon Valley. Why? The major purpose is bridging the gap between learning and career goals. The tech giants define their needs and indicate skills that are in demand in the applicable job market. Students who enroll in a specific course participate in online classes and complete various projects so they make the most out of developing their job-relevant skills. After the course, they can build a portfolio to show potential employers.

All Nanodegree programs include:
  • Real-world projects from industry experts supported with review and feedback from experienced reviewers
  • Technical mentor support
  • Professional career services helping in applying for your dream job
  • Student community
  • Flexible learning program

Popular Degree Programmes

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