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Udacity Nanodegrees Review – Is It the Right e-Learning Platform For You in 2022? Is Udacity Worth It?

About Udacity Nanodegree

Education is a fundamental gateway to success and prosperity, and it is an investment in yourself that will bring you benefits throughout your whole life. It comes as no surprise that up-skilling yourself is the best way for you to achieve your goals in your professional life and accelerate your career progression.

However, recently it has become apparent that traditional college degrees are now in decline. Especially in 2021, more and more global institutions offer a wide array of online courses and programs that can provide you with quality education and skills. E-learning has constantly been gaining respect and popularity.

There are many online course platforms, but Udacity has been one of the most relevant for Hi-Tech Professionals. Do you want to know more? Read Udacity Nanodegrees Review to learn more about the platform, and determine whether it is a good fit for you in your life and professional career. Find an answer on how to save on Udacity cost of Nanodegree?

Udacity is a word associated with bravery, but do you have to be courageous to give them a try? Is Udacity Worth It? – the price and your attention? This Udacity Nanodegree Review will give you everything you need to know about this educational platform.

Let’s start with an explanation of what Udacity is and how it works. That will be covered in the first two sections of this article. Udacity Nanodegree review will show you all that Udacity has to offer right now.

What is Udacity and What are Its objectives?

Udacity is one of the most often chosen MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platforms in the world. The education platform is based in Silicon Valley. As the platform comes from the very heart of the global IT center, Udacity courses mostly focus on skills that are needed in the tech industry, which is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Udacity has been one of the pioneers of the e-learning industry, operating since 2011, as one of the very first platforms in existence. The first objective of the platform was to provide experts in technology the IT leaders like Google or Facebook need. The primary focus was to educate professionals who would be ready to start their careers working for the world’s best IT companies.

The platform, on top of MOOC courses, offers micro-credential programs known as Udacity Nanodegree.

As of now, the number of online students taking Udacity courses has risen to an impressive 11.5 million, which only solidifies the quality and usefulness of the platform.

What are the Learning options and features?

Udacity provides a good number of Hi-Tech courses. Our Udacity review will show you what do they have in their offer right now.

Categories covered on Udacity courses

The wide array of online courses at Udacity is not limited to Computer Science or Engineering classes. There is a selection of Business and Marketing courses that are worth considering, as well as the Data Science ones.

To deliver their learning commitments, they cooperate with Global Industry Leaders like Google, Facebook, Waymo, Microsoft, IBM, AWS, AT&T, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Invidia, and more.

They have the following schools in their offer:

But are they worth the price and your time? Read our full Udacity Nanodegrees Review for more details.

Udacity provides a simple and effective learning model. Their paid courses are available in form of Nanodegree programs. These are self-paced sessions supported with plenty of useful features:

  • Flexible learning program – Create a learning plan to your own schedule. Learn at your own pace to achieve your specific objectives.
  • Downloadable content – You can download course content in form of videos or transcripts
  • Real-world projects from industry experts – With real-world projects and engaging material created in collaboration with top companies
  • Project reviews – You will receive personalized feedback from industry experts. Best practises and practical advice. Resources to improve
  • Technical mentor support – Mentors are knowledgeable experts who support your learning and are committed to answering your questions, encouraging you, and keeping you on track.
  • Career services – Support for professional advancement and landing a high-paying position 
  • Students community – Access to discussion forum where you can chat with other students and exchange your experience or lessons learned

What are Udacity Nanodegrees?

Our Udacity review highlights the vast number of Nanodegree programs available, which are highly recognized certifications in the industry.

What are Udacity Nanodegrees?

Nanodegrees are online certification educational programs offered exclusively on Udacity. It is an optimized type of online education that can be described as a short version of the traditional degree.

When most young people think of Udacity, Nanodegrees might be the first that comes to their minds. This is because Udacity Nanodegree might be an open sesame to your new career opportunities. You may have heard about those Nanodegrees graduates who have turned into successful developers and are now big fish at global industry leaders. See also Top Companies that Hired Udacity Graduates.

To the point – Udacity Nanodegrees are micro-credential programs that focus only on in-demand skills. They are only offered in Udacity and the topics of such courses come straight from Silicon Valley. Why? The major purpose is bridging the gap between learning and career goals. The tech giants define their needs and indicate skills that are in demand in the applicable job market.

Students who enroll in a specific course participate in online classes and complete various projects so they make the most out of developing their job-relevant skills. Nanodegrees typical length is between two to six months at a few hours/week effort. That can speed up if you are determined and a fast learner. After the course, they can build a portfolio to show potential employers.

What is Udacity Courses’ Content Quality?

The platform has built its online presence mostly due to the quality of content – the most crucial aspect of building an online education platform. The courses provided by the platform are designed to give you real in-demand skills that are based around projects where you can learn at your own pace and ask for help from qualified mentors 24/7.

Their instructors are highly skilled experts. They all come from excellent technical backgrounds and have many years of practical experience. Udacity develops its own content collaborating tightly with well-known partners. These are industry leaders like AWS, Mercedes, Waymo, Google or Nvidia are just a few of them.

This makes the trust in Udacity’s courses even bigger.

Udacity provides a comprehensive practical education with job-ready skills. There is a wide range of topics covered by courses but all of them are of the highest quality possible. The Udacity courses are meant to progress your career and enhance your life.

What is a Nanodegree?

Are Udacity Nanodegrees easy to use?

All the information about each class, including its length, Udacity cost of Nanodegree, curriculum, projects details and prerequisites is well described and easily accessible. 

How to find the course you’re looking for?

You may look for courses using particular keywords or by using the available filters. You may narrow it down by using the following criteria:

  • Topic
  • Field
  • Difficulty level
  • Duration
  • Price
Udacity Nanodegrees Program Catalog
Udacity Nanodegrees Program Catalog

How to enroll in Udacity course?

When you choose your Nanodegree you need to sign up. It’s super easy and fast. You’ll be taken to the Learning Management System (LMS), where you can begin your lessons.

Udacity Nanodegrees Sign up
Udacity Nanodegrees Sign up

How to use Learning Management System?

On your dashboard setting section you can set up your language preferences:

Udacity Learning Management System
Udacity Learning Management System

Your learning can begin immediately once you enroll in your new Nanodegree program. There is a support staff ready to assist you with communication and operations, and when you enroll, you are immediately connected with.

Udacity Self Driving Cars
Udacity Self-Driving Cars

The Learning Management Platform is user-friendly, intuitive, and simple to use. You will find the curriculum listed and displayed in form of high-quality video lessons.

You can also download all the videos and transcript files which is great to learn offline.

Udacity LMS
Udacity LMS

Interactive tests are offered for all the sessions, however, free courses on Udacity are not ended with certification.

Udacity Nanodegrees Interactive tests
Udacity Nanodegrees Interactive tests

And obviously, you can track your progress in each lesson.

Nanodegree Progress Tracking
Nanodegree Progress Tracking

This continues until you submit your first project, after which you will receive an in-depth, timely, and personal Udacity review of your work. These are intended to challenge and affirm you, as well as to give important and practical feedback that will drive you ahead in your desire for knowledge.

Udacity cost of Nanodegree

The cost of taking a Nanodegree on the Udacity platform mainly depends on the topic and length of a course you will choose.

Are Udacity Courses Expensive?

Since most of the students look at the price of the courses, the cost analysis is an important item of the Udacity Nanodegree Review.

There are two payment options for a Nanodegree course. You can pay monthly installments in form of a subscription or you can choose to pay the whole amount upfront.

Monthly payments

Udacity has introduced pay as you go based pricing model. If you wish to complete a program with Udacity, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for your education. The cost of these courses is directly connected to their monthly duration and your pace. Monthly payments are at £329 ($399) per month. They can last 3 – 6 months so the final cost depends on the length of the program.

Upfront payments

Upfront payments depending on the course subject and length. The range is between £558 – £1645 ($750 – $2400). The benefit of upfront payment is that you will always receive a 15% discount.

Honestly, these are not cheap programs and cost might be an obstacle for some of the students. However considering the value taken from the Nanodegree, it is worth the investment, the more it is still cheaper than taking a relevant course in class. Still not convinced?

Read how to save money on Udacity Nanodegrees!

Save on Nanodegree
Save on Nanodegree

Are free courses from Udacity?

There is a massive collection of free courses from Udacity. You can register and start learning with no fees instantly.

Although free courses on Udacity are of high quality, are not ended with a certificate. You need to enroll in Nanodegree which offers student-to-teacher interaction and certificates are paid.

Udacity vs Udemy – Which Is Better?

Both Udacity and Udemy offer a wide arrange of quality courses. The platforms are good in terms of functionality and easy to navigate. You can also count on a straightforward and quick registration process when it comes to both platforms. The Udacity offers Nanodegrees as well as single paid course learning programs that cost $399 monthly and typically can take you 2 to 6 months to complete.

Udemy, on the other hand, uses a pay-per-course approach with prices from around $20 to over $200 per course. The basic difference between the two platforms is that Udemy has more topics to offer, while Udacity strength is its top quality of offered courses. Udacity Nanodegree reviews are outstanding and genuine by genuine students, so when it comes to learners’ satisfaction, you can be sure their programs are more than worth your time and money.

  • Udemy is an excellent option to quickly get a grasp of a new topic before you decide if you ae interested to go further into this subject.
  • Udacity Nanodegrees, on the other hand, are fantastic if you want to dive deeply into the subject, expose yourself to a lot of practical exercises and receive personalized feedback throughout your educational journey.

Using Udacity, no matter what the course, the content is delivered flawlessly and in an engaging manner, whereas the content quality of Udemy’s courses could be under question. Udacity is run by experts and Udemy by businessmen, which is why in the real world and on the job market, certification from Udacity is more valuable than Udemy.

Udacity courses are university-level content focused on practical job-ready skills. The quality of teaching is pretty high, as it is developed by professional educators. A paid subscription there has an added benefit of active coaching, feedback, and review. Their courses are mostly tailored toward IT and Engineering professional development.

Udemy offers more variety in the topics, and you can expect less academic style. The best platform for you is the one that suits your educational needs more. If you want to enter the Hi-Tech world like Software Development or Autonomous Systems, choose Udacity Nanodegree. If you are interested in other topics, or you don’t need a recognized certificate, go with Udemy.

What do students say about Udacity Nanodergees?

People will always wonder, “Is Udacity worth it?” or “Can I trust Udacity Nanodegrees review?”. While our Udacity review is mostly positive, it is important to note that it is based on our own personal experience as well as the published reviews of other learners who have previously participated in the Nanodegree programs. Most of the students agree that the content satisfies their needs.

Udacity is rated 4.8 in Trustpilot

Udacity Review
Udacity Review

Customer reviews are probably the most relevant factor of the online platform learning experience. Students discuss the prices of Udacity programs and wonder if they are really worth trying. However, most reviews are encouraging to enroll.

Most students admit that in Udacity courses, a positive learning experience can be considered a guarantee. This is mainly because of the high quality of the content. Udacity’s students have a positive outlook on most of the courses offered on the platform. Not only the paid ones but also those free.

Most of them appreciate that Udacity does take care of the quality of its product, no matter if they are actually paid. Also, when we consider if the platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, we would say that Udacity seems to be a good choice for learners. Mostly learners interested in IT and Engineering but also those who want to develop their knowledge in e.g. business-related topics.

Nanodegree – Is Udacity Worth It?

In our Udacity review, we couldn’t miss mentioning Udacity Nanodegree which is one of the most popular forms of online education. It comes with many success stories from its graduates floating around the Internet. You might be able to discover people starting high in-demand jobs with Facebook, Google, or Mercedes after successfully completing these courses. Stories like this should not come as a surprise, as tech industry leaders are the ones to push and support Nanodegrees.

Udacity Nanodegree is an educational solution, that promises you extensive career support services, user-friendliness of the platform, and access to high-quality course materials. Most of the Nanodegrees provided by Udacity, like the popular Machine Learning in Udacity Nanodegrees, or Self-Driving Cars Engineer Nanodegree offer amazing career opportunities. You can also count on the platform’s career services to help you manage your career after graduation and are included in the Nanodegree package.

All Nanodegree programs include:

  • Real-world projects from industry experts supported with review and feedback from experienced reviewers
  • Flexible learning program
  • Project reviews with feedback,
  • Tests & Exams
  • Technical mentor support
  • Professional career services helping in applying for your dream job
  • Coaching and mentoring,
  • Student community
  • Discussions forums,

Is Udacity Worth It?

According to Udacity Nanodegree reviews, they are more than worth your time and money. Although their courses are not accredited but are ended with recognized certification within the industry professionals. High-quality practical content supported with hands-on projects, and an easy-to-use Learning Management System justify the Udacity cost of Nanodegree.

Which Are the Best Udacity Nanodegrees and Why?

The best Udacity Nanodegrees
The best Udacity Nanodegrees

The variety of courses in Udacity is impressive. Udacity Nanodegrees review will show you all that they have to offer right now.

First and foremost, choose the one that suits your priorities and goals. However, there are Nanodegrees programs that were chosen based on students’ reviews. So, let’s find out which Nanodegrees are considered to be the best!

One of the essential courses for those who want to up-skill in machine learning. Bear in mind that this course is not designed for beginners. You should have at least intermediate knowledge of machine learning and Python before you enroll. The Machine Learning Engineer course will provide you with advanced knowledge of machine learning (including machine learning in production) and some real case studies.

Artificial Intelligence has been conquering in 2020 and will definitely boost in popularity in 2021. Udacity AI Course will make you familiarize yourself with AI and machine learning with a professional technical mentor who will present you with all the AI concepts. After the course, you receive a Certificate of Completion. The nanodegree also includes some extra free courses from Udacity.

Front End Web Developer

Another course created for intermediate users who want to master their programming skills (one of the best Udacity courses for its given feedback ever!). If you want to enroll, experience with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML is required. During the course, you will have a chance to develop your knowledge. After the course, you will be able to build fully working websites and applications, using JS, HTML, CSS, Flexbox, and CSS Grid.

Become a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology has been famous for a couple of years now. Its popularity started after the successful emergence of Bitcoin and Litecoin, as the technology is used by cryptocurrencies. The demand for Blockchain developers hasn’t stopped rising and the trends show that it might continue. As a student, you learn how to create your own Blockchain platform and secure your digital assets by using Blockchain identity.

Udacity Android Courses

If you know how to create Android apps, you are probably all set as a red-hot developer. However, if you need to learn tools and best practices for mobile development, Udacity Android Courses are your way to go. The courses are comprehensive and very interactive – you have access to tons of educational materials, tasks, and quizzes. You will learn about Android components, UI, and much more. Surprisingly, these are free courses from Udacity, however, it’s mentioned here because after completing, you will get essential skills to enroll yourself into the ‘Android Developer’ Nanodegrees program where you’ll be able to deepen your knowledge.

Become a Data Scientist

Data Science and Machine learning create a perfect match together and this course might be really powerful for your career. It combines two different programs – Data Science and Machine Learning so you are provided with practical knowledge on data pipelines and design experiments. It learns everything about Data Science and deploying solutions to the cloud. This Nanodegrees program provides you with a 1-on-1 teacher you can choose according to your preferences. This will be your mentor and direct support who will show and explain to you real-life projects. After completing the course you get a Certificate of completion.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a course for beginners who want to learn to build neural networks and use the most innovative deep learning frameworks. Experts recommend that you should have basic Python knowledge to enroll but it’s not required. You will be taught the essentials of neural networks and everything about deep learning architectures. You will also touch on the basics of AI. The course is easy to follow by students.

Become a Cloud Developer

Cloud computing is the future of the software development world. This is why more and more students decide to commit themselves to cloud development – this might be a great career opportunity. What is worth highlighting about the course, is that there are several experienced trainers with massive knowledge in the field of cloud computing and cloud-based machine learning. These are, among the others, Kesha Williams and Gabriel Ruttner. The course covers topics such as networking, security, management services in the cloud, etc.

Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer

The course is one of the best in the world in flying cars and autonomous flight engineering techniques. As a student, you learn how to design and develop robotic machines that fly like drones, autonomous flying machines, and robotic cars. The course is extremely popular – besides being innovative and demanding, it’s also great fun. Read more about the future in Autonomous and Flying Cars.

Become a Computer Vision Expert

An expert in the computer vision field might sound a little bit mysterious but good computer vision skills in automation and robotics are now extremely desired by IT giants. The primary star of the course is obviously the founder of Udacity – Sebastian Thrunn. The course covers the basics and advances of computer vision technology and deep learning techniques in this field. As a student, you write your own programs to identify objects, analyze the images, etc.

Become a Self-Driving Car Engineer

Are self-driving cars our future? They can be! If you want to learn the skills and techniques used by self-driving car teams, this Nanodegrees program is something for you to consider. A career path of a Self-driving car engineer has growing potential. The course was created in collaboration with Mercedes, Waymo, and Nvidia. During the 5-month period, you will learn how to apply deep-learning and computer techniques that may solve various self-driving car-related issues like vehicle tracking, traffic sign classification, etc.

You will gain experience in advanced programming and engineering concepts that are highly desirable in this industry.

Read a detailed review about the Self Driving Cars Nanodegree and associated learning path.

This course is also highly recommended by Mercedes-Benz for those who’d like to develop their skills in Self Driving Cars direction and become a part of their Autonomous Systems team.

Watch the full movie for details:

Udacity Customer support

For further support, you can use the Udacity Advisor help center. You may either use a search for a certain topic or browse the FAQs. Additionally, you may submit a support request or use Live Chat, which is operated by a bot or human if requested.

If you’d like to write with a human, you can type: “Can I speak with a human?”. After such a request, you will be asked for a few more details and will be redirected to a customer support representative. 

You can also use Udacity Support Community where you can follow discussions, ask questions, and exchange ideas.

Can I Get Financial Support from Udacity?

There is financial support offered by Udacity in form of a Scholarship. You need to apply for it directly on the Udacity website when enrolling in Nanodegree. Latest information on available financial support you can find here

How Can I Save on Udacity cost of Nanodegree?

There are a few ways in which you can reduce the total price of the Udacity course:

1. You can take advantage of discount codes.

To receive a coupon for Udacity Nanodegrees, you need to keep an eye on Udacity discounts, which makes the high-quality courses really reasonably priced.

Latest Udacity Coupons Code Found:

Udacity Discounts

Udacity coupons code. Get up to 75% off Hi-Tech courses! Limited time for a personalized discount. Best offer

Start saving today! To redeem this offer, complete the Application Form on the selected course price area and enter your promo code in the field provided at checkout.
Udacity is an example of an online platform that truly benefits students. Their Nanodegrees are of the best quality focused on Job Ready Skills. They cover many of the industry’s most in-demand skills, such as programming, app development, UX design, cloud computing, autonomous systems, and business skills.
Udacity Discounts

Udacity coupons code. Limited Time 25% Off Sitewide on Udacity Nanodegrees Best offer

Udacity is an example of an online platform that truly benefits students. Their Nanodegrees are of the best quality focused on Job Ready Skills. They cover many of the industry’s most in-demand skills, such as programming, app development, UX design, cloud computing, autonomous systems, and business skills.

2. You can finish the program relatively fast and save money

The second cost-reducing method is to try to finish the course as soon as possible, because of Udacity’s pricing model, this option is always available for those that are determined and wish to minimize the Udacity cost of Nanodegree. Less monthly payments to make, less money out of your pocket.

3. You can also apply for the Udacity scholarship

Lastly, the Udacity scholarship is a pretty straightforward method of cutting the costs of the program. Take a look at the scholarships page and see if there are any open that you might qualify for. If the answer is yes, send in an application and with a little luck, you should be accepted. By doing so, you might even end up getting the desirable Nanodegree for free.

Can I Cancel and Get a Refund for a Udacity Course?

You may cancel your automatic membership at any time during the current month. However to get a complete refund of your membership you need to cancel within 2 days of signing up for Udacity. Most of the users will say that 2 days is a short amount of time. And we agree, for long Nanodegree programs it is not enough time to make a decision. The better news is for EU citizens or residents. They have14 days to get a full refund.

For more detailed information you need to contact Udacity directly for questions relating to cancellations or refunds. The latest rules on cancellations and refunds you can find on Udacity website

Udacity Review Conclusion

So, is Udacity worth your time? This is your decision to make. We all have different aspirations, goals, and preferences so the learning path of each individual varies. If you look to expand your career or maybe get the promotion you have always dreamt of, the Udacity courses are worth considering. Especially the Nanodegree programs made in collaboration with Industry Experts – these are comprehensive learning packages with the objective to make a significant shift in one’s career.

  • A high number of courses focused on IT, Engineering, and Business skills
  • Top Industry expert partners
  • Designed to enhance the skills which solve real-world challenges
  • Focused on practical job-ready skills
  • High-quality downloadable content
  • The best on the market Self-Driving Cars programs
  • High-quality Free courses from Udacity
  • Students Community, Career Service, and Mentor Support
  • Pay as you go available, means you don’t need to pay the full price upfront
  • Scholarship program
  • Courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced
  • 4.8 rated on Trustpilot
  • The full price might be an obstacle for some of the students
  • Certificates are not available for Free courses on Udacity
  • No Udacity mobile application
  • No Live Instructor-Led sessions
  • Only two days refund policy

Summing up the Udacity Nanodegrees review, this is one of these online learning platforms that really make a difference to students. Their courses, both paid and free, are of the highest quality and they cover many of the most desired skills in the industry including artificial intelligence, programming and development, cloud computing, autonomous systems technologies, and business skills.

The courses available on the platform may help you with your career – you will certainly learn new skills and become an expert on the topic you choose. As a consequence, you will have many new opportunities to develop your new roles as a Nanodegree graduate supported with professional career service from Udacity.

Our Udacity review discovered a number of excellent Nanodegree programs available, both free and paid, and at various levels. The qualified instructors appeared to be very competent, as many would expect.

Worth remembering! If you chose Udacity or any other leading online learning platform, the most important aspect is that you must really want to learn and upskill in order to succeed.

Our Rating

Brand Popularity
Learning Options
Instructors Authority
Learning Content
Ease of Use
Value of Certificate
Financial Assistance
Coupons & Discounts
Extra Features
Value for Money
Customer Support


Udacity is one of these online platforms that really make a difference to students.

Although their learning options are limited to self-paced Nanodegrees and free sessions only, these courses are of the highest quality and cover many of the most desired skills in the industry. These are mainly programming, app development, UX design, cloud computing, data science, business skills, and innovative programs in self-driving cars engineering.

Their courses are equipped with high-quality content created by Udacity experts and external industry leaders. With this approach, students get a great deal of hands-on experience with job-ready skills available just after graduation.

Despite the lack of a mobile app, Udacity provides a good number of other features to improve the learning experience.

In general, it is a great value for money and certainly, this e-Learning provider deserves your attention.


It is useful to remind you about our search tool. It’s the most convenient method to search for high-quality online courses.

We hope you found our Udacity review useful and that it helped you make a decision about your future learning steps. If you’re still unsure and looking for more answers you may use the Udacity Advisor help center.

Udacity Alternatives

If Udacity isn’t the ideal fit for you, there are other options that could help you progress your career.

To help you decide on your next learning steps, have a look at the following learning platforms – courses they offer, certificates, and full reviews.


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