How to Increase Employability and Chances of Being Promoted?

How to Increase Employability and Chances of Being Promoted with Online Courses?

You may not be able to influence whether or not a recruiter selects you from a pool of applicants, but you can do all in your power to make yourself the most outstanding candidate possible.

With this in consideration, take a time to evaluate your current situation. Do you feel confident in your ability to enter the workforce? Do you have the necessary skills, expertise, and experience to obtain the job you want? Are there any holes in your skill set that you might fill in order to make yourself a more attractive candidate?

As you start to progress with your career, you might observe that the formal training you once received is no longer valid or needs a bit of an upgrade. Whether you are looking for a new job, or a promotion, additional skills, and knowledge will prove most beneficial, as you will stand out among the competition. How to get that edge when it comes to your education and keeping your skills up to date?

Online courses seem to be the answer to that question. They are accessible, cost-effective, and allow you to work while learning. It is the perfect investment you can make when it comes to your career progression.

However, as you may know, there are a lot of different courses available online. Some accredited, some not. Which one should you go for in order for your time and commitment to be rewarded with an opportunity? Here is everything you need to know about recognized online courses as well as how to use them to increase employability and chances of being promoted.

Do Online Courses Provide the Same Qualifications?

Before answering a question: How to Increase Employability with online courses, it is worth being sure if Online Courses Provide the Same Qualifications as traditional classes.

In the past few years, the market for online courses shifted significantly. People are less likely to choose a traditional course in favor of an online one, so educators needed to improve the quality of its content. Many accredited, well-known, and recognized universities and organizations create online programs that will help you learn a new skill.

Online courses are getting more and more recognized as a natural part of a career development path for people that are focused on personal and professional development.

Accredited or non accredited course providers – which one to choose?

These days, studying with an accredited or non-accredited but widely recognized online courses provider means that the qualifications you receive are equally relevant to those acquired in physical schools.

Showing a certification from an accredited company or a non-accredited but well-known industry-proven might help you boost employability. If online classes are accredited or widely recognized, they are no different from those studied offline.

The Benefits of Professional Skills Courses

Professional qualifications or skills are typically training courses relating to a particular industry or career path. They are studied by people looking for growth possibilities and to further enhance their careers. They are also regulated and awarded by professional bodies, like universities or experienced organizations. Here are the top benefits you can expect from investing in a professional skills course:

  • a course like that is a way to demonstrate that you have enough knowledge and experience to help you get promoted,
  • a diploma from an accredited course can be the gateway for you to change your job, and turn your new interest into a career,
  • certifications will also help you get noticed for existing job growth and enable you to successfully ask for a salary and responsibility increase,
  • online courses are also flexible and cost-effective, so you can learn while working your regular job, and it will most certainly be an investment that you won’t regret.

What Online Courses Are Worth Your Time?

Online career certifications have the power to improve current performance and queue up success in the future. Generally speaking, you can choose between two types of online courses, accredited and non-accredited. What is the difference?

A training course’s accreditation is an official status acknowledgment of educational qualification. It gives the legal status as a legitimate qualification for work and education.

Accredited courses offer a guarantee of a certain quality of knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course. In order to be accredited, a course must meet a certain set of criteria, such as the authorization of an official body. It can be an Institution that defines the standards of specific industry expertise.

If you want to put it in simple words, this means that there must be a specified level of education, expertise, and competence to be met. These requirements are set by an official body and then verified by them before the training organization is given the authority to provide the accredited training.

Such certifications are recognized by almost every employer and most international organizations. These courses offer you a real chance at improving your qualifications with proof that you have indeed put in the work required to learn. A good example of an online learning provider that organizes accredited courses in Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, and Cybersecurity is Greycampus.

Non-accredited courses may as well teach you a lot, but they might not be taken so seriously when it comes to a real impact on your professional perspectives. Therefore, when choosing a course that is from a non-accredited source, it is important to choose a provider that has a lot of experience and is well-known among industry professionals.

The Linux Foundation is one of the recognized online learning providers where you can get an industry professional certificate in Open Source Technologies.

Other non-accredited industry-proven providers that are worth your time and effort are:

  • Udacity4.8 score in Trustpilot
  • Edureka4.7 score in Trustpilot

These online learning platforms are popular in the education market with high review scores, and their classes draw attention from most employers in Hi-Tech and Digital Technologies.

Some online learning platforms like edX may also provide credit toward a university degree. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who would like to start with University Verified Certifications and later pursue a full degree.

Current Job Market Trends You Can Benefit From

How to Increase Employability in Current Job Market Trends? It is absolutely crucial, that the next generation of students develop their professional qualifications early on. If you are looking for a way to invest in your future, you might want to follow job market trends to acquire skills that are sure to secure your future. Currently, it seems like digital skills promise the best opportunities for career development. As a potential professional in the digital world, the skills to learn include:

A course in any of the above-mentioned areas should help you advance your career in the future, or change it for the better. The tech industry is ever-evolving, and there is a high demand for IT specialists such as coders and software developers. Also, virtually every industry is going to be affected by digitalization, so making sure that you are qualified before it’s even needed, is the best approach.

Gaining valuable certifications from industry-proven providers can help you develop in-demand skills. These qualifications are accessible through a variety of Certificate Courses:

Are Online Courses Certificates Recognised by Employers?

The short answer to this question is yes and no.

Yes, there are a lot of employers that already recognize online courses, especially when it comes to those that are accredited or from a proven provider and promise real qualifications upon completion. An online course diploma might get you a promotion opportunity or a chance at a new career these days.

However, not all employers seem to value the worth of online courses diplomas as of now, but things are about to change. The 2020/2021 pandemic has made a lot of organizations realize that online education is no longer the future, but it is part of the present times. With hybrid working and home offices in place, education has been forced to progress quicker than it naturally would. This phenomenon resulted in more people interested in completing online courses and more recognized institutions happy to provide alternative options for their students.

We do want to stretch, that no matter your employer’s attitude towards online courses, it is always in your best interest to improve your skills and knowledge to increase your chance at faster career development.

Planning Ahead – Manage Your Career Opportunities

Today, there are many opportunities to live, work, and study abroad. It becomes more common for people of all ages to move for work. In some jobs, the rules surrounding acceptance are changing, depending on the region. It is recommended that you expand your skills and qualifications portfolio, to make sure that you can compete with local candidates for the position you would love to hold.

The best way you can ensure your freedom to move internationally is through research, forward planning, and constantly learning. Choosing a respectable online course and improving your resume will help you achieve your dream of moving and working in the country of your choosing.

Don’t miss out on your Career Opportunities

Moreover, researching and preparing give you the chance to tick any additional boxes that might be required. Should you need additional qualifications or to complete further study, you’ll know that in advance and can plan accordingly. If you have a specific country in mind, check what kind of certificates have the most value there, or go for ones that are accredited and internationally recognized. Globalization has increased the number of exciting opportunities all over the world, so why not increase your chances?

Final Words

So, what online courses are typically recognized? Those that come from an accredited or an industry-proven provider. These are the ones that are worth your time and money. Showing that you’re actively improving yourself by constantly adapting, learning, and updating your knowledge, will make you a more attractive candidate. Choosing the right course should help you boost your employability. It shows that you are willing to learn and that you take your education seriously. A diploma from an online course should make you stand out from the competition or be a good reason to get that promotion that you deserve.

Here at Ubbergo, we strive to provide you with the best online education possible. You can choose from the selection of well-known industry-proven e-Learning platforms. So if you are looking for an online course to improve your qualification, we might have just the thing for you. Check out our offer.

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