Edureka Login - Is it worth to sign up and joining Edureka courses?

Edureka review. Is it worth Login with Edureka and joining their courses in 2022?

Education plays important role in our lives. It’s no secret that there are multiple alternatives available when it comes to choosing online education. More worldwide companies provide a diverse range of online courses and programs.

One of them is Edureka, a multi-award-winning online learning platform.

But, is Edureka legit? Is Edureka certificate valuable? Is this company a good fit for you?

Our Edureka review will show you if their classes are worth your time and money. Let’s see if Edureka is worth login and joining their courses.

What is Edureka and what are it’s objectives?

Edureka is an online learning platform that provides both, live sessions and self-paced courses in a variety of technologies. Edureka primarily offers Computer Science courses with a strong emphasis on programming, DevOpscloud computing, and data science. They also have accredited Project Management programs in their offer.

The affordable, user-friendly courses are delivered via a live instructor-led classroom, online resources, and a lifetime support system. With more than seven million learners in over 100 countries, Edureka is the preferred choice for working professionals who want to stay abreast of the latest technological trends. It is an established brand with a community of more than 750,000 members.

The organization was formed in 2013 with the goal of making high-quality education available to all people, regardless of their skill level or geographic location. Their goal is to equip learners with the skills needed to move their professional careers to the next level by deploying a world-class team of industry specialists.

What are the learning options?

Our Edureka review will show you what do they have in their offer right now.

In general, most online learning platforms provide courses with little engagement between the lecturer and the learners. These types of courses are pre-recorded lessons, where students may only get support through discussion forums or offline tutor support. Edureka put a strong emphasis on real-time engagement between student and instructor therefore most of their courses are live instructor-led sessions.

Apart from weekdays online live sessions, Edureka offers unique weekend batches that are not common among different learning platforms. This flexibility is especially beneficial for students who cannot enroll during the week due to their busy schedules.

Live Instructor Led online sessions

While students participate in live online classes, they can actively participate in and learn from in real-time. It would not only make learning simpler than from a recording, but students may also directly ask the teacher for assistance throughout the session, allowing them to more effectively grasp what is going on and get tailored attention.

Categories covered on Edureka courses

Edureka offers Hi-Tech online courses mainly in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Project Management. The following are specific categories they have in their portfolio:

Three types of Edureka online courses

  • Role Based Course Combos – are series of online courses organized in form of learning path to achieve required practical skills in specific role. For instance, if you’re interested in DevOps Engineering, you can join DevOps Engineer Master Program which includes four live dedicated Edureka certifications, two self paced classes and a series of free supporting sessions. All of them organized in specific order to prepare student for the desired role.
  • Top University Courses – these are Advanced Certifications and Postgraduate Programs offered by Top Universities that Edureka cooperates with. These classes provide a thorough preparation on academic level. That will enable you to advance your professional career and increase chances for salary increase.

What is Edureka courses content quality?

Edureka is well-known for providing some of the greatest IT training programs available. You’ll not only learn from experts, but you’ll also be able to put what you’ve learned into practice. On this platform, each course concludes in a live project using real-world data sets. Furthermore, each project is produced by industry professionals and is updated on a regular basis.

Apart from individual courses, they also provide corporate training. Several of their corporate customers include the following:

  • Coca Cola Co.
  • Wipro
  • Citibank
  • Honeywell
  • Walmart
  • Visa, and many others

No doubt, these top companies give them a level of credibility in providing high-quality content of online Edureka training sessions.

Edureka ease of use

The website is easy to navigate. Each class curriculum, duration, fee, project specifics, and prerequisites are fully described and easily accessible.

How to find the course you’re looking for?

You may search for courses using specific keywords, categories, and session types such as Certification Courses, Role-Based Course Combos, Top University Courses. Unfortunately, you will not be able to filter Live Instructor-Led or Self Paced sessions – The course delivery method is only available on the course description page.

Edureka Login – what will you get after sign up?

Edureka Sign up / Login

Firstly, you need to sign up or login if you’d like to enroll in training courses.

If you sign up with Edureka and create your free account, there are multiple benefits to help you in your learning to be as effective as possible. Login with Edureka will enable you to do the following:

You can set up your Cereer Goals

The following career goals are available to select:

  • Higher Salary
  • Role Change
  • Improve in my job
  • Stay up to date

You can set up your Study Plan

A Study Plan can be set up based on your availability and selected course schedule. That will help you to organize your time and to be always prepared for the upcoming training sessions.

You can choose your Topics of Interest

After choosing your Topics of Interest, you will be updated with the most relevant courses based on your chosen criteria to meet your Career Goal.

You will get access to Edureka Community

The discussion forum covers all available categories

All users may ask questions and exchange their learning experiences. Type a question, choose the category which you’d like to discuss, and provide more detailed information.

What are the features?

Edureka courses come with a great set of features to deliver the best possible learning experience:

  • Instructor Led Sessions – are available on weekday as well on weekend classes. That gives a great learning flexibility while choosing live scheduled sessions.
  • Real Life Case Studies – All courses are accompanied by hands-on workshops based on real-life scenarios. Practical exercises are led by industry professionals, giving participants the opportunity to develop practical skills required in the workplace.
  • Assignments – each class is provided with practical assignments
  • Lifetime Access – You will get lifelong access to the LMS (Learning Management System), which contains presentations, quizzes, installation manuals, and class recordings.
  • 24/7 Expert Support – There is a live online support staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all of your technical questions through a ticketing system.
  • Certification – After successful completion of assigned projects and associated tests, you will get recognized Edureka certificate. Industry experts and companies respect the majority of these certification credentials. Despite the fact that they do not lead to college credit, they may help you find a job. 
  • Dedicated Learning Manager – An amazing feature that is unique to Edureka is the presence of a dedicated learning manager. The a students are not left on their own immediately upon registration. Learners are provided with an amazing tool that assists them in sorting through the platform’s options. This might include anything from live class notifications to a variety of course options to setting timings and tracking a learning progress and performance. 
  • Discussion Forum –  students have access to a community forum that helps them learn even more by allowing them to connect with one another and share their expertise.
  • Mobile Application – You don’t need to be tied to the PC. You may use Edureka to study on the move by downloading an app to your smartphone or tablet. 
  • Weekend Sessions – apart of Monday to Friday weekdays classes, you can also schedule you Live Instructor Led session on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Edureka Login benefits – set up your carrer goals, study plan and choose topics of interest to increase your learning effectivness. Use discussion forum to exchange experience and resolve learning issues.

How does Edureka pricing work?

We all know that the price is one of the significant factors in choosing online education therefore cost analysis is an important item of our Edureka Review.

Let’s see how it works.

Edureka courses are paid per course enrolment. It means you need to pay for each course you’d like to take. Most of them are Instructor-led live sessions that give additional benefits for the students to ask the questions in real-time.

The prices vary depending on the course type, workload, and type of certification. 

  • Certification Courses with Edureka certificates costs $300-$400. There are also accredited certification courses where certification is granted by independent institution like PMP in Project Management. The price will then go up and you will need to pay around $500-$600 for accredited program. Bear in mind that there are exam fees associated with accredited courses that are extra paid, usually it costs $200 to $600 depends on the training course and institution.
  • Role Based Course Combos – these learning paths provided as a series of bundled certification courses cost $500-$1500. This option is the most cost-effective for people who’d like to get comprehensive education in a specific job role. This option is the most cost effective. You can save min 50% vs the same amount of certification courses purchased separately. On the top of Live online sessions, there are always a bonus self paced classes added to each of the bundle.
  • Top University Courses – prices depend on the program type. Academic level Professional Certifications costs $1600-$2700 and Post Graduate Programs costs $2900-$3600. You can also choose a monthly payment option.

Too expensive? Read how to save money on Edureka classes.

What do students say about Edureka courses?

It is important to mention that this Edureka review is based on our own personal observation as well as public evaluations from other students who had a chance to participate in their classes.

Customer reviews are likely the most significant component in determining the quality of an online platform’s learning experience.

Is Edureka certificate valuable? Students analyze the costs of Edureka courses and debate whether they are really worth the investment. 

Edureka is rated 4.7 in Trustpilot.

With that score, you will see that the majority of students provided favorable comments, indicating that this learning platform is has a high level of credibility. Some of them are following:

More students’ reviews you can find here.

Are Edureka Certifications Worth It?

To answer this question, we have analyzed the level of practical knowledge delivered, instructors’ authority, and the value of the certificate.

  • Practical knowledge – will you learn skills that are really needed by the employers? Well, Edureka is one of the few that will provide real-world practical projects.  Each Edureka program is supported with several hands-on project scenarios. Case studies and workshops are continually updated to ensure they remain current. This leads directly in learners knowing what to do rather than having a “purely theoretical knowledge” when they move to a work role.
  • Instructors – Edureka trainers looked to be very knowledgeable and qualified specialists. They have good technical expertise supported with practical experience. Unfortunatelly, you will be able to view the instructors’ profiles after enrolling for a training session.

But honestly, who will give you a more reliable review if not learners who had a chance to learn with Edureka? Some of the student feedback about their instructors is as follows:

  • Value of Certificate – Is Edureka certificate valuable? All Edureka courses are ended with industry-proven certificates. These certificates are recognized within the industry and might help you boost your employability. But let’s make it clear. Showing any certificate itself will almost certainly not land you a job. You will have higher chances to be shortlisted throughout the recruiting process, and the organization will check your qualifications during the interview. As a result, the primary aim is not certification as a piece of paper, but instead obtaining the skills and knowledge needed by the organisation, which is validated by a certificate.

So, is Edureka Certification worth it? With a combination of practical knowledge taught by experienced instructors and verified by recognized certificates, you can be sure to gain relevant expertise needed by potential employers. 

What are the best Edureka Courses?

Most of their online courses are worthwhile. However, in our Edureka review, we have identified a number of excellent programs. The following best sellers according to our research and students comments, are exceptional:

Certification Courses:

Career Related Master Programs:

Top University Courses:

Edureka Customer support

For further support, use the available options on their contact page. You can ring them directly. There is a toll-free number for customers and users in the United States. You may also use their contact form or send an e-mail.

While there are some negative reviews about their customer service which is sometimes difficult to reach, the vast majority of students are satisfied with their assistance. And the toll-free number for customer support is not something that other e-Learning platforms provide as standard.

How Can I Save Money on Edureka Courses Costs?

There are a few ways in which you can reduce the total price of the Edureka course:

1. You can take advantage of discount codes.

The latest Edureka discount found

Edureka discounts

Up to 30% OFF on all courses GOOD offer

Edureka is a high-quality online learning platform that offers courses in computer science, artificial intelligence, data science, and project management. Their courses ended with certificates are designed to provide students with job-ready practical skills.
– 30% get discount

Keep an eye on Edureka discounts. You will get high-quality courses at a discount price.

2. You can buy a Role Based Course Combos

Role-Based Course Combos are the most cost-effective option. On these Master Programs, you can save 50% plus. A great option for those who’d like to learn practical skills in a specific job role at a decent price.

DevOps Engineer Masters Program Top Value

Skills Covered: Git, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Nagios, Docker Containers, Docker Hub, Docker Compose, Docker …
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Python Developer Certification Masters Program Top Value

Concepts Covered: Python Programming, PySpark, Django, NLP, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), …
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Full Stack Developer Masters Course Top Value

Skills Covered: Web Development, Web Development Languages, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ajax, Google APIs, …
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3. You can apply for the Edureka scholarship

Review the scholarships page to see if you qualify for any open scholarship programs. They don’t launch Scholarship programs on regular basis but if there is any open you can then apply. Successful applicants will learn for free.

4. You can watch Edureka Free courses

For free courses, you don’t need to login with Edureka platform. There are plenty of free videos published on the Edureka YouTube Channel. Although these sessions are mainly at the beginner level, you will be able to be introduced to the specific subject and decide whether it is the right direction for you to proceed further.

Can I cancel and get a refund for a Edureka course?

On all programs, Edureka provides a three-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.
The refund must be requested within three days following registration. However, there are limitations – PG Programs and Advanced Certification in Cloud Computing do not offer any refund after enrolling in the course.

If you need more detailed information about cancellations or refunds, please contact Edureka directly or refer to the most recent Terms&Conditions.

Edureka review conclusion

Is Edureka legit? Our research shows that this is a learning platform that focuses on offering world-class education. They are a rapidly developing organization that offers online training in practically every aspect of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Project Management. 

  • Wide selection of Hi-Tech IT courses
  • Role-based Master Classes & Postgraduate Studies
  • Industry-recognized certification
  • Accredited Project Management Courses
  • All levels, from beginners to advanced
  • Live Instructor-Led online sessions
  • Weekdays and Weekend sessions
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Dedicated Learning Manager
  • Lifetime access
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile application
  • Edureka Login benefits
  • 4.7 rated on Trustpilot
  • Great deals in Master Programs
  • Customer support sometimes difficult to reach
  • Self-paced sessions not available
  • Instructors profiles are not available before enrolment
  • Not all courses can be refunded
  • Scholarship program not launched regularly

There are various reasons to Login with Edureka over the other online education platforms:

  • Their courses have a high completion rate. This shows that the teaching methods and approaches used are effective and simple to grasp. 
  • They provide practical knowledge preparing students with possible challenges in real world working environment.
  • There are multiple features that come with the courses such us – Lifetime Access, Dedicated Learning Manager or Learning App.

Without a doubt. All the features combined with high-quality practical content created by Industry Professionals make Edureka courses worth to be considered. Having read this review, if you feel this is the right platform for your needs, you should not hesitate with Edureka to login and enroll in their Hi-Tech courses.

Our Rating

Brand Popularity
Learning Options
Instructors Authority
Learning Content
Ease of Use
Value of Certificate
Financial Assistance
Coupons & Discounts
Extra Features
Value for Money
Customer Support


Edureka is an established brand with continuously growing popularity. It is an online learning platform that provides solid quality courses in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Project Management.

There’s no question. Based on students’ reviews and our experience with Edureka, their instructors are highly skilled industry experts. However, if you decide to enroll in any of their courses, you will only see their profiles after signing up for the training session.

Although Edureka courses are not accredited, they provide a lot of practical value. All sessions are supported with plenty of features to increase the learning experience and are ended with a recognized certificate.

Their financial assistance is limited to Scholarship Program but it is not released on regular basis. If your application to any open Scholarship will be accepted you can then learn for free on their Top Certifications.


It is useful to remind you about our search tool. It’s the most convenient method to search for high-quality online courses from different providers.

Edureka Alternatives

If Edureka is not the right fit for you, there are several other alternatives that may help you advance your career.

Look at the following learning platforms – their courses, certificates, and detailed reviews

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