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Certification in Linux – Read and Decide if it’s Right for You

Certification in Linux is very much appreciated within the IT industry because this particular operating system has been gaining a lot of global recognition as of late. Used in almost every device that you use on a daily basis, it enables the software and hardware to communicate with each other.

In this new and growing environment, getting a certification in Linux can boost your career prospects by improving your skills in significant areas that are in demand. Because it is one of the most reliable operating systems out there, knowing its functions and properly using it can present you with excellent job opportunities.  

Technology organizations are getting more and more interested in hiring people who are capable of managing servers and performing administrative work. Linux certificate will keep you ahead of the crowd and increase your competitive advantage. Here is everything you need to know about getting Linux certification and what you can expect after completing the program.

Are Linux Certifications Worth It? 

Modern cloud computing relies heavily on Linux. These days, administrators can choose from a number of Linux server distributions like Ubuntu, Kali, Red Hat, and more that are already enterprise-ready. This operating system is used in far more firms than you might think, not only data-oriented enterprises but also e-commerce giants, like Amazon. 

Is linux certification worth it?

The popularity of Linux is also associated with its cybersecurity possibilities (penetration testing and ethical hacking). For all those reasons, the Linux certification path is a more common career direction for IT professionals.

It is the knowledge that is most certainly worth considering and investing in, as it is simply the future of the industry. Basic Certification in Linux can open up doors for you that don’t even exist now. Here are the main reasons why you should consider being certified: 

  • The rise of open cloud platforms is creating a high demand for Linux professionals, 
  • Certification in Linux enables you to work on real-time projects and demonstrate practical knowledge,
  • You can expect a significant rise or a better salary in the present and future, 
  • Linux credential will be considered as an advantage in the hiring process, even if you don’t have much experience, 
  • You can count on support and guidance from the IT industry experts,
  • The more diverse Linux certification you can present, the better career prospects you can expect, along with more responsibility and the feeling that your work is always meaningful. 

What Types of Linux Certifications Are Available?

Linux Foundation provides independent and recognized certifications in Linux. These certifications are the ideal choice for beginners and more advanced professionals who’d like to prove their professional Linux expertise.

Learners will participate in Hands-on Labs & Assignments focused on practical skills. Workshops are based on on-the-job tasks and real-world scenarios. This is an excellent choice for those, who value a practical approach and want to learn the system from the ground up.

You can choose from a wide variety of Linux certification courses offered by the Linux Foundation:

Which Linux Certification Should You Choose for Yourself? 

Besides a wide selection of recognized certifications, Linux Foundation offers a career development path with possible education paths for Linux admin and engineers. Any of these (like Open Source Software Development for example) will also position you well if you decide to move your career into cloud computing. The certification will make you able to perform the core system administration tasks. 

If you’re interested to be an expert in Cloud & Containers, you may choose extremely popular Kubernetes certification bundles. These are training courses combined with certification exams that will give you top-notch practical knowledge:

Exams are not easy to pass. You may learn more about how to prepare for the CKA exam and increase your chances to pass.

If you’re experienced in Kubernetes but not yet certified, you may earn a recognized certification by enrolling in one of the below exams:

However, if you are interested more in the topic of cybersecurity than solely in the Linux operating system, you might want to consider the Secure Software Development Fundamentals certificate offered by Linux Foundation. 

It is also worth mentioning Linux Foundation live sessions. Although these are quite expensive, will give you comprehensive preparation in Operating System, Applications Development, IoT, Cloud Computing, and Networking.

All live Instructor-led classes are covered with the below:

  • Hands-on Labs & Assignments
  • Resources & Course Manual
  • 12 Months of Access to Online Course
  • 12 Months Exam Eligibility
  • Free Registration for CKA Exam
  • Free Exam Retake
  • Recognized Certificate of Completion
  • Certification Valid for 3 Years
  • Digital Badge

You will also have the opportunity to communicate directly with the instructor during live online sessions, ensuring that any concerns or queries you may have are addressed instantly.

How Difficult Is It to Attain Linux Certification?

How difficult is Linux certification?

Linux is a complex system. In general, the more specific and deep with the operating system you get, the more challenging it becomes. Getting to know it through and through does take some time and effort, but the best Linux certification offers professional guidance and support all the way through education.

A Linux certificate is a good starting point, since you learn about the general environment of the operating system and how to work with the command line. You will need to pass an ambitious test to obtain a certification, but after completing the program, you shouldn’t have any problems passing it. Of course, you will still need to have the right level of preparation if you are going to succeed.

However, if you are looking for a better position and payout in any IT organization, we recommend you to go for this certification in the near future.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Certification in Linux?

The duration of a Linux course varies depending on your previous IT knowledge and experience. For an entry-level type certification (someone who is fairly new to the IT industry), you might need to dedicate around six months of study and practice to get the basics down and make yourself comfortable working with the operating system.

If you already have experience and know Linux to some extent, a single course and obtaining certification will take a couple of days to a few weeks, depending on the time available you have on your hands to learn. 

What Are the Career Opportunities After Completing Linux Certification Training? 

Linux is very useful for programmers as it supports most of the major programming languages. With the inevitable rise of open cloud online platforms, one can imagine that Linux skills will come in handy for anyone in the IT world very soon.

This is why Linux certifications are highly valued by many organizations around the world. According to data provided by the Linux Foundation report, the demand for professionals with Linux operating system skills is high. The question is, does that trend translate into a similar demand for Linux certification? 

career opportunities after completing linux certification training

You might observe that many job offers for Linux administrators or engineers do include the need to provide proof of a candidate’s proficiency in operating within the Linux operating system.

Certificate holders, especially when in different areas of Linux skills, can expect a higher salary than non-certified professionals. Given the gap between salaries for certified versus non-certified roles, it is likely that Linux certification will be a considerable advantage in the hiring process. As a certified specialist, you can count on the following job opportunities: 

Final Thoughts

Is Certification in Linux worth it? Certainly. The demand for Linux skills is increasing day by day, and it should open many doors for you. Linux certifications play an important role to get a better job, progressing your career, and becoming an authority within a growing area of the IT industry. It is recommended that you have the certification if you want to get into the field of system administration using Linux. 

Ubbergo provides you with learning opportunities to grow your professional career. Access all of the training and exam options, choose your learning path, and make sure that it sets you into your targeted career goal.

If You’re Still Not Sure if Linux is For You, Watch This.

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